Fake Gymshark Accounts And Websites

Want to find out whether that Gymshark sponsorship offer was real, or whether it was a fake account? Find out everything you need to know about fake Gymshark accounts and websites, and what you can do to report them here at Gymshark Central.

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Fake Gymshark Accounts And Websites

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: the wannabes are back.

You may have heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And whilst that's a nice way to put it - we've got no time for fakes! So let's keep it real. The wannabes are back, so please be extra cautious of the fake Gymshark advertisements, websites and social media accounts trying to make their way to your screen this season.

Counterfeiters have become incredibly skilled at making some pretty convincing fake Gymshark advertisements, which, when clicked on, will direct you to a website claiming to sell bona fide Gymshark clothing.

These fake advertisements and sites not only mislead you into buying non-authentic Gymshark products, but in some instances, can also result in you falling victim to a financial scam.

Here's how to miss em'...

The Official Guide To Spotting Fake Gymshark Advertisements, Websites and Social Accounts

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What To Look Out For:

1) On Social Media: The Blue Tick
  • If you see an ad on social media from "Gymshark" but there's no blue tick - that's not us.

  • If you see an ad on social media that sells "Gymshark" items, but the listed URL preview isn't - that's not us.

  • If someone reaches out to you offering a "sponsorship deal" but there's no blue tick - that's not us.

  • Avoid: anything with errors - if an ad has odd formatting, strange or poor-quality images, or spelling/grammar mistakes, don't click on it.

2) On Google: The URL
  • If you see a Google ad for a "Gymshark Sale" or a site that sells "Gymshark" items, but the URL isn't - that's not us.

  • Avoid: websites which claim to be selling old Gymshark collections, or items that are currently out of stock on

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Fake Gymshark Advertisements on Google, and Social Media:

Examples of fake Gymshark ads listed below:

  • Google Ad:

  • Facebook Ad: shark direct - gymgearsale

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Fake Gymshark Websites (You'll Typically See A Fake Ad Direct You Here):

Examples of fake Gymshark websites listed below:

  • gymshapepants

  • qrutah

Accounts and websites claiming to offer things such as large-scale giveaways or discounts, are NOT regulated by ourselves unless verified on our social platforms, or here at Gymshark Central.

If you have placed an order through a fake Gymshark website, we suggest contacting your bank immediately to cancel your payment.

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Fake Gymshark Social Media Accounts:

Recently, we've unfortunately seen an increase in the number of fake Gymshark accounts claiming to be "PR co-ordinators", offering young dedicated individuals a placement in their sponsorship programme. That's also NOT us.

The initial DM tends to look a little like this...

We know how appealing that sponsorship offer looks, but please understand that the official Gymshark accounts (those with a blue tick) will NEVER ever:

  • Ask you to verify any personal details.

  • Offer 'product tester' opportunities.

  • Ask you to send pictures of yourself.

If you're ever unsure who's contacted you please, please reach out to us and we'll find out for you. Here's a few ways you can get in touch:

We've also outlined the FULL, official list of Gymshark social media (handles included), website and blog accounts further below.

How Can We Prevent These Fake Gymshark Accounts, Advertisements And Websites?

Whilst our IRL superheroes (aka our Legal Team), are working their socks off reporting every fake Gymshark account they come across, step 1 is all about raising awareness of these fake Gymshark ads, websites and social accounts, and understanding what you can do if you ever come across one.

What To Do If You Find A Fake Gymshark Account, Advertisement or Website:

Here at Gymshark, we work incredibly hard to ensure you always have the best possible experience - your safety will always be of the upmost importance to us.

So, if you come across a fake Gymshark account, or advertisement in any way, shape or form, we ask that you please, please report the account to the social media platforms in question and/or the police if you've provided any personal images and/or details.

You can also submit a report form to our Brand Protection Team via the button below!

When reporting a fake account, you may be asked to send over screenshots of the conversation, or evidence of the account, so make sure to keep a record of these!

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Fake Gymshark Products

Buying from a fake website is a high risk, no reward kinda thing. You can expect the items on there to be poor quality and different to what you ordered, with long shipping waits and no return or refund options either - that is, if you even receive those items in the first place...

Now we know what you're thinking... "surely they can't be that bad, can they?'. Well, we ordered a few pieces so that you don't have to. Watch as Gymshark CEO, Ben Francis and Head of Design, Lois Woodcock react to the fakes.

Ben and Lois React To Fake Gymshark Products

Watch Now.

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Here you'll find links to the official Gymshark store, our blog - Gymshark Central, and ALL verified Gymshark social media accounts:


Remember, if we were to offer any kind of discounts or giveaways, you would hear it through our verified social media accounts, or here at Gymshark Central. And, when Gymshark get in touch, there will always be the little blue tick.

Stay Safe,

Gymshark xo

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