Everybody Moves | Explore the stories of drive and expression

What moves us drives us, and how we move and what we choose to do with that, is how we express ourselves. How do you show expression?

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Everybody Moves | Explore the stories of drive and expression

United We Sweat invites people to discover the strength of the conditioning community, by celebrating the unseen and unspoken effort that we all have in common.

It's the late nights and the early mornings. The obstacles and the risks. The mental and physical blocks. And the barriers that we overcome. 

Where it doesn't matter where you've come from, it only matters where you're going. It's a community of unity where everyone belongs. And everyone matters. Where you never have to watch your back, because you know everyone has your back...

What moves us drives us, and how we move and what we choose to do with that, is how we express ourselves.

Throughout April, May and June, experience the drive and expression of those in our community. Find out their story of how, and why they move.

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noun - the activity or sport of moving rapidly through an area, typically in an urban environment, negotiating obstacles by running, jumping, and climbing.

A brotherhood of like-minded individuals from various backgrounds, Team PHAT are bound together through their love of movement, united in the streets by their passion for parkour – a discipline with a worldwide community.

PHAT is a parkour team made of 8 athletes: Ronnie, Klaus, Alejandro, Arthur, Abdullah, Orlando, Devon, Luke and Jacob, based in London.

Famed for their Phat Parkour Jams, Team PHAT are proud of their positive mindset, and community feel ­– to them, fitness is moving across all axes, no matter the obstacle.

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A lover of challenges, Anthony Ferraro moves in more ways than one.

With a past in wrestling, Ferraro now turns his attention to judo, skateboarding, guitar playing and guest speaking – but the biggest challenge is moving this way, blind.

Ferraro originally turned to wrestling when other sports such as basketball and soccer were not possible with visual impairment, inspired by his father and an older brother who were both wrestlers.

Motivated from a young age, Ferraro was always going to take on the world and the obstacles it presented him, and following a documentary filmed by his late brother, the United States Olympic committee reached out to Ferraro for him to join their judo training camp in 2017.

Today, Ferraro still moves in more ways than one, with a key focus on training to compete in the 2024 Paralympics – with his guide (his wife) by his side, working together to make their next move.

Anthony Ferraro
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Dr. Seun. 2 time Olympian uniting communities all over the world

In 2012, Seun Adigun competed track and field in the Olympics. In 2016, she founded the first ever African bobsled team and in 2018 the Nigerian bobsled team competed in the Winter Olympics. She was a part of the first federation to represent Nigera, and she’s the first African athlete to compete in both summer and winter Olympics. And things have not slowed down since then.

Dr. Seun believes the success of an athlete is down to the team around them, and so has dedicated her life to providing athletes the team and tools they need to succeed. She now works as a chiropractor and biomechanist as part of a group that is building communities around athletes to help them become and achieve their best. She also works closely with athletes and coaches in Nigeria to build winter sport athletes and winter sports as a whole.

Dr. Seun has founded Extra Wellness Centre, a new way for her to bring her team-based approach to athletes and active individuals. The next step in development is to scale up and create a one-stop-shop for the people she treats, and in order to achieve that, she needs $300,000. Just like Dr. Seun brings communities together to support athletes, we want to bring the Gymshark family together to support her. Gymshark have donated $10K and we’re sharing the link with you here so if Dr. Seun has inspired you, you can donate too:

Dr. Seun
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What drives you? And how do you express through the power of movement? Share your story in the comments below!

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