66 Days | Change Your Life

66 Days | Change Your Life

clock-circular-outlinePosted 1 Jan 2018

They say it takes 66 days to form a habit. We believe it takes 66 days to change your life.

Well, it’s time to test the theory. 

From the 1st of January until the 7th of March, we want you to change your life.


However the hell you want. 

Whether you want to lose weight, become president, or simply drink more water, we want you to do something you feel will change your life for the better.

Ready to get involved? Great.

In order to take part, you MUST take a photo on the 1st January, and upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter by January 3rd 9am GMT. Be sure to include proof of the date (hold up a sign with 1/1/18 on - come on, you’ve all seen Catfish), with @Gymshark and the hashtag #Gymshark66.

This photo is the beginning of your journey, so make it count! 

Now, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, however, if you have a story, tell us all about it, we want to know!

On the 7th of March, you MUST upload the first photo and the final photo you have taken, with @Gymshark and the hashtag #Gymshark66.  

This photo commemorates the end of your journey - again, make it count! 

During the 66 days, you are free to document your journey as you like – there is no limit as to how much, or how little, you post – however we would encourage you to tag us in your progress pictures along the way, it can’t hurt! Just remember to hashtag #Gymshark66 when you do so we see it!

Remember, this isn’t about becoming the biggest or the best - we don’t care if you look like you just stepped out of Baywatch. This is about truly changing your life for the better. 

So, what happens after the 66 days are up?

The winner will be decided within Gymshark HQ and will be announced on the 9th of March.

The prize?

A years supply of Gymshark. Nope, we are not kidding. 

When we send out clothing to our athletes, every month, you will receive exactly the same products ahead of the public release.

66 days doesn’t seem so hard now, does it?

So, what are you waiting for?


Follow the hashtag and join the challenge - share your journey, encourage each other and smash those goals.

To enter this competition, please check out the T&Cs, right here! 

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