Watch: Ross Edgley – Against The Loch | Worlds Longest Lake Swim Attempt

A challenge like no other. Gymshark Athlete, Ross Edgley, takes on the largest body of freshwater in Britain. Watch the Gymshark Originals episode now.

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Watch: Ross Edgley – Against The Loch | Worlds Longest Lake Swim Attempt

An athlete that is no stranger to extreme challenges, Ross Edgley is one of the most recognizable and popular endurance swimmers in the world today.

Ross has completed a catalog of incredible mental and physical feats, including;

  • An Olympic distance triathlon carrying a 100lbs tree

  • Running a 19-hour marathon pulling a MINI (yes, a car!)

  • Circumnavigating the entirety of Great Britain in a five-month swim.

Edgley is always planning his next extreme challenge, and helping those around him do the same, with his recent appearance on the Disney+ series "limitless", where he was seen coaching actor Chris Hemsworth for his arctic swim.

Against The Loch

Gymshark athlete, Ross Edgley, decided on his latest test, which is without doubt, his toughest, most grueling challenge to date.

The challenge?... To swim for 72 hours non-stop, day and night, in the freezing waters of Scotland Highland's mysterious Loch Ness. A 23 mile-long lake, and the largest body off feshwater in Britain.

Following him the whole way, from designing Ross's one-off Gymshark wetsuit to his final stroke, were the crew from Gymshark Originals, capturing incredible footage ready for the second installment of the Gymshark Original series, which is now available to watch below.

The Gymshark Originals film features a whole host of familiar faces from the world of strength and fitness, including:

  • Former World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall

  • Athlete Matt Morsia (YouTuber MattDoesFitness)

  • The current World’s Strongest Man, Tom Stoltman, and his brother former Europe’s Strongest Man, Luke Stoltman

  • Ross’ expert sport science team at Loughborough University

  • His wetsuit makers at Gymshark’s Innovation Centre and members of his challenge support team

The documentary was shot in collaboration with Gymshark and CODA Filmworks charting Ross’ preparation for his most daring challenge to date.

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