The Summer Edit - Your Workout Color Palette For The Summer
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The Summer Edit - Your Workout Color Palette For The Summer

clock-circular-outlinePosted 26 May 2022

This summer, your workout wardrobe will be elevated to bright new heights with a mix of classic summer colors and all-new standout shades... moonstone blue anyone?

If the latest fashion trend forecasts are your thing and you jump at the chance of introducing new trending colors into your wardrobe, you’re going to want to bookmark this Gymshark Summer Edit.

As you already know, we’re big fans of a pop of color over here at Gymshark, not to mention a bold print, and when it comes to summer colors, we like to make a statement.

The emerald greens and royal blues had us all in a chokehold last summer, and every year we see a new color creep into popularity and take the fashion scene by storm (we see you lilac). What colors are you going to be sporting on the squat rack this summer?

The Gymshark Summer Palette

This Summer we’re big on the varying hues of pink, purple and blue. With a few earthy shades to balance things out, this summer’s color palette compliments every skin tone and adds a pop of that exact shade of color... that you might not find anywhere else.

Light Blue/Linen Blue

Reflects the cloudless summer skies, and clear ocean waves, even if you can’t make it to the beach.

Pink/Lava Pink

The heat’s getting turned up with this fiery hot pink shade that commands attention.

Court Blue

Brand new to the Gymshark color roster, this tantalizingly vibrant blue is a bold choice to aim for; on and off the courts.


Yellow/Indian Yellow

Imagine the hot sun setting on a summer's eve, Indian Yellow offers an earthy oneness with the warmest season.


Teal/Winter Teal

Reminiscent of the dark ocean waters, Teal offers a familiar depth we seem to always want to return to.

Light Pink/Scandi Pink

A powdery scandi pink to bring out that rosy side of you, soft yet playful.

Blue/Moonstone Blue

This cool-toned light blue invokes feelings of peace and calm, just like a mountain walk on a bright summer's day.

Light Brown/Biscotti Brown

A sweet caramel shade for days when you’re feeling neutrals, Biscotti brown offers the chance for a pause and reset.


Light Purple/Purple

Bright and youthful, this shade inspires playfulness and challenge; to get things done without compromising on fun.


A dark berry red adds a deeper hue to the palette to spice up the season and bring a daring flavor to the summer heat.

Our Favourite Summer Color Combos

Need a bit of inspo for what colors to mix and match for the perfect summer workout fit? Here's our favorite color combo's we're buzzing to sport this summer.

  • Light Blue + Yellow

  • Burgundy + Court Blue

  • Light Pink + Light Purple

  • Pink + Teal

  • Light Brown/Biscotti Brown + Blue


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