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The Return Of The Original Gymshark Seamless

You've been asking for its return... for three years. Merry (early) Christmas.

clock-circular-outline-lightPosted 20 Feb 2020
The Return Of The Original Gymshark Seamless

Seamless, but make it original...

Gymshark History Lesson:

Let's take things back to April 25th, 2017... the day where Karina Ella stood on the bleachers and graced us, and our historic iPhone 5 with a campaign to launch two of the most iconic Gymshark products to-date.

Unbeknown to us at the time, these products would soon create the foundation for every Gymshark seamless legging and sports bra duo to follow. It's effect? Well, it left you yearning for their return. To this day, the form-enhancing design with its subtle, signature shading and heat-sealed branding remains a cornerstone of each collections offering.

If you haven't guessed it by now, the product in question was the original Gymshark Seamless collection.

Fast-forward three years:

It's 2020, and we're paying tribute to our seamless heritage with a rerelease - just new and improved - from the archive. Scroll on to find out what exactly has changed. 

We've teased, we've taunted, and it's true what the rumours say... the original Gymshark Seamless is coming back. Its new name: Origin Seamless. But first, cue the 2017 flashbacks...

Scroll On To Find Out More About The 2020 Rendition: Origin Seamless

Our Original Seamless started a revolution; now Origin Seamless is here for the evolution.

Making its anticipated return on the 27th February 2020, Origin Seamless encapsulates everything you loved about the original; its authenticity, its timeless appeal, its look and feel... just modernised with a few tiny improvements.

So, why now? Why have we waited three years to bring the classic back?

"It's always been the favourite. Time and time again, we've gone to Instagram to ask the community which seamless product is their most-loved. And EVERY time - whether they've owned a pair, or just seen them flaunted online - the OG would always win

The research was done. Now it was just a case of improving the design." - Gymshark Womenswear Design Team

1 Sports Bra. 1 Legging. 1 Colour.

February 27th 

So what's the difference between the original Gymshark Seamless duo, and the new Origin Seamless?

The reissue is an authentic replica of the original 2017 seamless silhouettes; featuring the same eyelet detailing and the same cross over strap features...

The only updates that differ from the original construction are the the waistband (no more folding the darn thing over because it came up to your boobs - this is now more of a high-mid rise legging). The leg length (finally full length, in line with the rest of our leggings - hallelujah), and the iconic seamless shading on the legging... it's still there, but we've improved the mesh structure so that it's not quite as sheer.

If you were lucky enough to own a heritage pair, you'll understand. 

Expect a form-flattering fit. Anticipate new and improved fabric changes. 

This is Gymshark history re-visited.

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