The New Vital: Find Your Anything
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The New Vital: Find Your Anything

clock-circular-outlinePosted 10 Feb 2022


The new Vital collection is here to give you a supportive hug when you need it, give you that “you look great” affirmation when you look in the mirror, and support you on whatever your conditioning journey looks like.

Because conditioning means something different to all of us.

There’s not just one way you can wear Vital, Vital is anything you want it to be. You and only you know how it feels to perform your best, and that really could be doing anything; a walk in the park, a super-sweaty spin class, hitting that one-rep max, or even just taking it easy on rest day. Vital is here to make you feel confident and comfortable, and give you the support you need, always.

With sweat-wicking fabrics and a buttery-soft seamless construction, there’s nothing to hold you back from performing your best, on the gym floor or on those all-important rest days off. Looser, more inclusive silhouettes are a new addition to the collection, for when you just want more space. And with a rainbow of new colorways now available, there’s plenty of options for styling Vital that feels exactly right, for you.

How to style Vital

Crafting a number of ‘fits to help inspire you to get a ‘lil creative, our Gymshark athletes show you how you can style the all-new Vital collection, your way.


At the shoot for the new Vital Seamless collection, we were joined by some incredible women from the fitness industry, each of whom is completely unique and inspiring in her own way. Inspiring others to move their bodies, and be proudly themselves, these women are everything that Vital embodies - personality meets performance!

Taking the camera backstage, we asked the ladies from the Vital shoot three questions to discover what routine is vital to them, what winning means to them and what makes them feel and perform their best.


Q: What does feeling good look like to you?

Amy: Feeling good looks like to me... confidence i reckon. I used to be so self-conscious about my prosthetic leg and always try to hide it and since [then], I’ve realised [that] people who look confident, look happy. Look after yourself, look good, feel good I always say. [It’s all about] confidence [and] happiness!

Oyinda: Feeling good looks to me like looking after myself, looking after my body and my health, it feels amazing.

Fiona: I think feeling good looks like... when I feel comfortable, when I know I can turn up in what I’m wearing and be the best that I can be.

Q: What does winning mean to you?

Mickey Monroe: Winning for me well, life is not a competition, and yoga is not a competitive sport, although it certainly seems more competitive. So for me, you're winning every day when you wake up and you feel healthy and happy. That’s winning.Fiona: To me, winning means knowing your true self. If you understand yourself then you can always be winning.

Oyinda: Winning means for me, doing the best that I can. It doesn’t matter about the time, the distance, the pace, it’s just about finishing whatever I’m doing, and that makes me a winner.

Amy: I played wheelchair basketball for team GB for a lot of years, so winning for me for a long time was literally [about] winning and I was so competitive and hated losing. But since I've realised within sport you can't control that bit, so for me now, as long as I’ve done everything I can do to put myself in the best position, given myself every opportunity to achieve what I want, (because you owe yourself that) then you can have no regrets whatever happens. So now it’s a bit more of a wholesome approach, if you give everything to your dream, then you’ve won really because you’ve given yourself that shot.

Q: What routine is vital to you?

Amy: A routine that is vital for me is daily gratitude. It’s something that I've discovered the power of recently. I've always been a sickeningly big fan of positivity and i think spending your life focusing on what have got and what you can do rather than the parts you’ve lost or can't do anymore is just a great way to be happy... and also getting at least 9 hours sleep! More or less.

Tig: I love to work a lot and i love to sleep a lot... I would absolutely say that for me a serious routine is every day before going to bed, [I make sure] I write down a list of everything I need to do the next day. To make sure that the next day, I get in the work, I get in the training and I get in the sleep, all at the right time.

Mickey Monroe: Well, we’re designed to move. So when i get up in the morning, I always have my coffee first, [followed by] my meditation, and then I just move. It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing, just get up... and move around.

Oyinda: A morning run. I love running. I have to start my day right, if I don’t start my day right, especially on a Monday! If I don’t start my Monday right then the rest of the week just follows [suit].


Find your anything, and do it all with the new Vital collection. Head over to our shop to find the 'fit for you.


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