The Latest Speed Collection Is Ready Wherever You Are
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The Latest Speed Collection Is Ready Wherever You Are

clock-circular-outlinePosted 25 Jul 2021

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Running. It's a simple concept: we lace our shoes, invest in a good playlist, and then put one foot in front of the other - pounding the pavement until our legs hurt, our lungs burn, and we find ourselves with a clear mind, back where we started having just run in a big circle.

For those who run regularly, however, you'll know that there is something more to running than just running - the sport has its own inherent raison d'être...

For some, it can be a way of slowing down a fast-paced world. For others, it's a challenge to better themselves, their time, and their distance.

Whatever your reason for running, Speed is here to support you with enduring comfort every step of the way. Each design within the collection has been engineered specifically for your running needs. So, if you did happen to need a reason to run, Speed could be a pretty good excuse...

Match your reason to run, with our reasons to wear Speed...

Running Shorts

Reason: Lightweight fabrics allow you to keep pace (in comfort) whilst you push for that extra mile.

The Speed Running Shorts have been designed for ultimate comfort, which subsequently means that they're made of a slightly different fabric combination than your ordinary gym sweats.

This difference in fabric and design engineering allows the short to move with you freely as you run, rather than riding up and getting all bunched in your business (if you know what we mean).

Running Tights

Reason: Secure waistbands and streamlined fits prevent distraction, allowing you to focus on what's important: you goal, your surroundings and the important voice in your head.

Whilst they may seem simple in their appearance, the Speed Running Tights are a multi-functional must when it comes to warmth against seasonal wind-chill.

Lightweight, high-stretch fabrics move seamlessly with each stride taken, whilst waistbands have been engineered to support the runner no matter the distance - offering a comfortable, unrestrictive fit.

Running T-Shirts & Tanks

Reason: Anti-abrasion properties across our range of running t-shirts allow you to get in the zone and run without distraction.

As with most clothes for running, the best running tops are engineered to be as comfortable, breathable and sweat-wicking as possible - ensuring that the runner can get in the miles without distraction or the risk of chafe.

This engineering can be seen through certain product features such as flat seams and angled pieces of fabric which prevent friction. Whilst mesh panels and perforated detailing in high-sweat areas (your back and underarms) continuously help to wick sweat away.

Running Layers

Reason: Innovative storage solutions and key breathability features allow you to run whatever the temperature, wherever you are.

More fashionable than your anorak, but not as heavy-duty as your storm-proof parka, a lightweight jacket is essential when it comes to layering your clothes for running.

Explore this seasons portable and lightweight Speed Jacket (M) and Speed Windbreaker (F) - designed with an accessible pack-it pocket for easy storage. With key product features ranging from zipped pockets to an adjustable hood for a customised fit, it's ready wherever your finish line may be.

*All items within this collection feature reflective detailing.

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Whatever your reason for running, Speed gets you there.

Available online: July 29th, 7PM BST.

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