The Gymshark x KK Fit Collection
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The Gymshark x KK Fit Collection

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Gymshark x KK Fit

It's happening, sis.

We've teamed up with Gymshark athletes, twin sisters and frickin' badasses Kathryn & Kendra (a.k.a KK Fit), to create an exclusive 11-piece collection that will keep you rollin' and ridin' through everything from your reps to your rest day.

Available in a variety of colors inspired by the Cali lifestyle that the twins live and breathe, expect to find designs especially curated by the girls, featuring shallow waistbands, quad-popping lengths and on-point accessories, all wrapped up in a soft, buttery feel.

Let's Do The Damn Thing...

Get To Know The KK Twins With A Quick Fire Interview

Carbs, compounds and keeping comfy.

If you've not had the pleasure of meeting the KK Twins yet, then seriously, where have you been?!

Kathryn and Kendra (the identical duo) from Sonoma County, California, joined the family back in November 2018 and have been rollin’ and ridin’ ever since - sharing their story, their workout tips and tricks and most importantly, their positive attitude with the Gymshark community.

Over the years, the KK Twins have joined us as we've Lifted The City, empowered our female community during International Women's Day, and celebrated athlete achievements, such as the Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Collection back in 2021. By doing so, they've had the opportunity (and absolute pleasure) of meeting you, and the rest of the Gymshark fam IRL, and we can't wait to see what the girls get up to in 2022.

Alongside their enviable 'fit pics and mouth-watering recipe suggestions, the incredible (and identical) KK Twins help spread positivity and motivation through the use of their social channels. Showing glimpses into their everyday lives, and sharing a variety of educational workout tips and tricks, it's all about #CarbsAndCompounds.

Now it's time to get to know the KK Twins like never before as we challenge the duo to answer some quick-fire questions. Learn what drives their motivation, what their go-to coffee order is, and discover the secret to making the ultimate sammie. 👇

Start scrollin' to check it out.

What's your advice for people starting out in the gym?

Kathryn: Our number one piece of advice would be not to compare your journey to someone else's.

Where do you get your motivation from?

Kendra: One, we're not always motivated, but two, we try to think about how we're going to feel after we crush a workout.

What's Your Favorite Type of Music?

Kendra: I'd have to say alternative.

Kathryn: And country!

Talk us through how you make the ultimate sammie?

Kendra: You've got to toast your bread! Then we do a little dairy-free cheese, maybe some turkey, some peppers, and then top it with honey mustard and call it a bang.

Kathryn: Ken is the sammie queen!

How do you like to recharge and recover?

Kathryn: I love just relaxing and having a little me time, like taking a stroll on the beach and going on walks.

Kendra: Yeah, going on walks with our besties or our boo things!

You can only pick one. Train upper body or lower body?

Kathryn & Kendra: Lower body!

What's your favorite thing about social media?

Kendra: The community that we've been able to connect with on a daily basis!

Cats or dogs?

Kathryn & Kendra: DOGS. All the way!

What's your coffee order?

Kathryn: Mine would be a hot coffee with almond milk, two stevia, and maybe a pump of sugar-free vanilla.

Proudest moment in your KK Fit journey so far?

Kendra: Having our own collection with Gymshark and being able to share that with all of you guys!

Let's Roll, Let's Ride In The New Gymshark x KK Fit Collection

There’s nothing we love more than feeling strong, but strength is also knowing when to listen to what your body needs.

Whether it’s grabbing your longboard and hitting the pavements with your friends, maxing out on the squat rack or heading to the beach (iced matcha in-hand) to enjoy your morning mediation, the little things you do for yourself add up, and, over time, we guarantee that you’ll start to notice the benefits.

This January, join us in celebration of feeling strong, of knowing when to give yourself a break, and ultimately striving to be the best version of you possible with the all-new Gymshark x KK Fit collection.

Explore The Collection

The Frickin' Color Palette

Inspired by the Cali lifestyle that the girls live and breathe, the Gymshark x KK Fit collection captures the very essence of the KK Twins with its assortment of soft, warm shades and subtle hues of color.

From muted mid-tones that reflect the twins love for coffee and iced matcha, to mellow and playful pops of chroma that take inspo from the warm Cali sunsets, the new Gymshark x KK Fit collection has a little something for everyone.

The Lookbook

Feed your soul in the new Gymshark x KK Fit collection and discover a capsule that has your back through it all. It's there to spot you whilst you're maxing out on the squat rack, but it'll also keep you pretty comfy on your next rest day too.

Featured Above: KK Fit Sports Bra, KK Fit Legging, KK Fit Cropped Hoodie, KK Fit Shorts and the KK Fit Oversized T-Shirt.

Shop the Gymshark x KK Fit Collection.

Take A Closer Look...

KK Fit Leggings

Crafted from soft buttery fabrics, and featuring the all-important glute-enhancing seam and 7/8 length, the KK Fit Leggings offer an incredibly supportive fit, with a shallow waistband for ultimate comfort as you take on your compound lifts.

KK Fit Shorts

The KK Fit Shorts prove themselves as a vital addition for versatile styling both in and outside of the gym. Raised front hems allow for those vital quad-popping moments, whilst dropped back hems provide a 'lil extra coverage.

KK Fit Oversized T-Shirt

Featuring long hemlines and an oversized fit for ultimate comfort, The KK Oversized T-Shirt has been designed as an adaptable lifestyle piece - offering ample styling opportunities and different levels of coverage.

The Collection:
  • KK Fit Legging

  • KK Fit Shorts

  • KK Woven Jacket

  • KK Woven Shorts

  • KK Fit Oversized T-Shirt

  • KK Fit Crop Top

  • KK Fit Sports Bra

  • KK Fit Cropped Hoodie

  • And more...

We can't wait to see you doing the damn thing in it. Shop the Gymshark x KK collection.

To see more of the collection, keep an eye on our Instagram feeds... . . .

Gymshark x KK Fit Collection Review

The countdown is officially on! For an in-depth review on the all-new Gymshark x KK Fit collection, you might just want to peep this. The KK Twins are here to take you through their signature looks - exploring size, collection colors, 'fit checks and everything else you could possibly need to know before the collection launches on Jan 13th.

Let's goooo.

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In Need of New Workout Inspiration? Try The Latest, Inspired By The KK Twins

Known for their fun-filled immersive workouts, we've taken inspiration from the KK Twins this season and curated something a little similar for you to try on the Gymshark Training App.

Hit that full frickin' bawdy, just like the KK Twins, as you work your way through a variety of our favorite bodyweight and dumbbell exercises, pulling and pushing weight to help build some serious strength.

Gymshark x KK Fit

We can't wait to see you doing the damn thing in it.

Available online, January 13th at 11am PST, 2pm EST, 7pm GMT, 7pm AEST

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