The Gymshark Adapt Family
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The Gymshark Adapt Family

clock-circular-outlinePosted 22 Sep 2020

One Family, Different Voices.

Welcome to an understanding of Adapt Seamless.

If you're a veteran of the brand, you'll already know that SS20 has seen a season of bold strides in apparel innovation. Old favourites have been reissued with improved designs to both their fabric and fit, whilst new releases seamlessly intertwine modern technology with trending silhouettes.

So, Adapt Seamless. What is it - a new product, an old range, an updated collection? 

We like to think of it as a family.

Its Seamless DNA is familiar. Derived from the attributes of the iconic, 2018 Camo Seamless design, many of its founder's indelible qualities can now be found running through the core of 4 brand new Gymshark capsules: Adapt Marl, Adapt Animal, Adapt Ombre and NEW to this season: Adapt Camo.

Recognise the fit of their supportive high-rise ribbed waistbands, the design of their simple, no-nonsense silhouettes, and the familiarity of their subtle prints and patterns.

But be warned, despite their comparable attributes, each capsule listed below has its own voice, and its own personality. Designed to be mixed and matched as you see fit, there's really no saying how this family should be worn.

Its heritage is humble. Its future, only just begun. Scroll on to find out more.

The Adapt Family Tree

Our supportive seamless technology, now in new form.

"We really want these products to speak for themselves. No comparisons. 

You see, we're not bringing back old classics, we're reinventing them, and that makes this family incomparable to any other Seamless set you might have owned."

Lois Woodcock & Sabina Arminante, Gymshark Womenswear Design Team.

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Explore The Family

Adapt Seamless is more than just a collection, it's a family which has put down its roots to build the foundation for every other Seamless product to follow.

So, why can't we compare it to previous designs?

Well, we'll be honest, whilst you'll recognise a lot of similarities between the products, a lot has changed. The Adapt Family encapsulates everything you love about the OG Camo Seamless; from its authenticity (the recognisable bum scrunch), to its timeless appeal (the subtle colourways and prints). We've just modernised it, and that's where the changes begin.

With Seamless technology advancing, the actual construction of the Adapt Family is unlike any past iteration - from the way it's been dyed to the actual yarn used in its development and fabric structure...

Guaranteed, it's not something you'll see, but once you have the product in your hands, you'll understand.

1. Gymshark Adapt Camo Seamless

• Available In: Black | Blue | Dark Green • Shop: Gymshark Adapt Camo Seamless

Adapt Camo Personality: Confident in everything you do.

Our seamless technology has served well to enhance your training in the past, giving you the confidence to take on those tough training days in a fit that flatters your shape, fabrics that support your movements and quality that endures.

But we also understand you're not willing to compromise on aesthetics. Neither are we. Adapt Camo captures a combination of all you could ask for from your activewear, in a striking new jacquard pattern guaranteed to turn heads. Collection:

2. Gymshark Adapt Marl Seamless

• Available In: Emerald Green | Black | Grey | Purple | Beige | Light Blue • Shop:

Adapt Marl Personality: Find Joy In Simplicity.

High waisted, supportive and snug, the Adapt Marl collection offers an unparalleled feeling of support and comfort. Labelled as a brilliant basic, its timeless design features subtle and effortless detailing, allowing you to mix and match with bolder items within the Adapt family. Collection:

3. Gymshark Adapt Animal Seamless

• Available In: Light Green | Black | Purple • Shop:

Adapt Animal Personality: You Have A Wild Side.

Take on your next workout with attitude in the Adapt Animal Collection, crafted with your performance at the fore. Perfect for embracing your wild side, the collection captures a combination of durability and femininity in a striking new animal jacquard pattern. Collection:

4. Gymshark Adapt Ombre Seamless

Adapt Ombre Personality: You Embrace Your Individuality.

With advances in seamless technology, Adapt Ombre incorporates fabrics that move fluidly for a feeling of freedom as you train. With every squat, deadlift and stride, Ombre's flexibility allows for enhanced movements and stellar performance. Collection:

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"Adapt is a family that will continue to grow, but these products are its foundation." - Lois Woodcock & Sabina Arminante, Gymshark Womenswear

This is only the beginning of Adapt Seamless. 

What's Next?

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