Can You Believe It's That Time Of Year Again?!
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Can You Believe It's That Time Of Year Again?!

clock-circular-outlinePosted 11 Oct 2021

Bye-bye shorts, hello leggings and joggers

You guessed it, it’s officially Fall. Every year the cold weather creeps up on us, but for once, we’re determined to be prepared!

There’s no denying that transitioning into the colder months can put a bit of a spanner in the works when it comes to choosing your outfit: too many layers, not enough layers, too warm, too cold... It’s the mid-season struggle that sees us attempt to strike balance between the 7 am battle with the anti-freeze and the 12 pm heatwave.

We feel you.

Truly. But don’t despair just yet…

For those ready to embrace the shift in seasons, tap into the Fall spirit and explore a collection of warm leggings and bottoms that’ll keep you cozy from the cold front.

. . .

Our top picks to step into Fall with...

It's Adapt Seamless

Featured above: Left: Savannah Wright wears Adapt Fleck Leggings and Sports Bra in Mineral Brown, Right: Libby Christensen wears the Adapt Camo Legging and Sports Bra in Savanna Yellow

A seasonal favorite for more reasons than one, Adapt has recently become our go-to for cold-weather styling. A classic in every sense of the word and explored in a range of colors and prints, it's got something for everyone.

What's perfect about this range of workout bottoms for the colder weather is that they come in a full-length fit... we're talking maximum coverage, only those ankles are left to the cold! (And you can bet that we've even got some crew length socks to help with that).

Crafted using warm fabrics with a knitted Seamless structure, the Adapt Seamless Leggings allow fluidity in both movement and style. Whilst the snug high-waisted fit offers support and comfort whilst you exercise, the style can also be worked seamlessly into casual Fall and winter wardrobes for the ultimate Fall 'fit.

. . .

Vital for Fall?

Featured above: Left: Becca Dup wears Vital Seamless 2.0 Leggings and Long Sleeve Crop Top in Black Marl, Right: Guusje van Geel wears Vital Seamless 2.0 leggings and Long Sleeve Top in Dark Green Marl

Yes please. If you’re anything like us, planning your gym' fit in your head the night before is priority during the winter months. (In our opinion, the less time we have to stand in front of our wardrobe shivering, the better). And if there's one thing that we can be sure of, it's that the Vital Leggings make that virtual try-on that teeny bit more exciting.

It doesn't always have to be doom and gloom when the cold weather hits, and one thing that makes the seasonal transition easier is feeling good in what you're wearing.

The Vital Seamless Leggings come in an array of warm tonal colors, and their supportive, high-waisted silhouette makes for an effortless piece both at the gym and on your daily milk run. The flattering contours are easy to pair with an oversized sweater and understated sneakers (or slippers), to keep you cozy and comfortable.

. . .

Comfort all round in joggers

Featured: Left: Brittany Lupton wears CTY Joggers in Light Green, Right: Jade Packer wears Recess Joggers in Light Purple

Joggers. Let's face it, we all lived in them last year, didn't we? And truthfully, having to adapt to wear anything but loungewear every day since has been a difficult feat.

That's where our I-can't-wait-to-change-into-my joggers come in.

Offering the comfort that many of us have been yearning for as we've emerged from our WFH lifestyle, the training joggers offer an effortlessy chic silhouette and are crafted with soft and buttery fabrics allowing you to look as good as you feel. Our new favorite workout staple, joggers = extra comfort, coziness, and a look you can rock any place any time. We love the high-rise, flattering fit of our joggers - pair with a sports bra for the ideal workout uniform, and throw on a hoodie to brace the cold.

. . .

Transition into the Fall weather and browse our collection of warm leggings and joggers that'll keep you cozy from the cold-front.

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