The Best Winter Coats For 2019
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The Best Winter Coats For 2019

clock-circular-outlinePosted 10 Oct 2019

If you’ve been brave enough to retreat from the comfort of your own home these last few weeks, there’s no doubt that you’ll have experienced the ever-awkward, small talk that is: “weather’s getting a bit chilly, isn’t it”…

Only then, does it seem acceptable to clamber into your coat cupboard and grab the blanket-like jacket that has been keeping you warm for winters-past.

To the uninitiated, finding the right winter jacket can feel like getting lost in a blizzard, but that's where we come in...

Read on for our top picks…

Outerwear: Men’s Black Puffer Jacket

Tech Specs:• Water repellent exterior • Insulating poly fill padding • Full zip front with funnel neck • Zip side and internal pockets

Forever on trend and easy to throw on with a variety of outfits, a black puffer jacket is always a go-to item of outerwear. Sporting a regular fit, with muscle-shaping seam lines, the puffer looks as natural with a pair of joggers as it does with jeans.The jacket’s water-repellent exterior and insulating poly-filled padding work as a cold-weather blockade, with inserted material cuffs and a full front-zip chin guard to keep any breezes out.

Shop: Men's Puffer Jacket

Outerwear: Hydro Jacket

Tech Specs:• Waterproof exterior • Fleece-lined interior • Internally and externally taped seams • Fused hood with forward peak

Sitting in the sweet spot somewhere between a light rain coat and a weighty winter jacket, the Hydro Jacket offers protection from any sudden downpours with a fully waterproof exterior. -

This jacket emanates a futuristic design with a sleek, matte finish and low profile structure, allowing and encouraging versatile layering.

Shop: Men's Hydro Jacket

Outerwear: Women’s Puffer Jackets

Women’s Black Puffer Jacket

Tech Specs:• Funnel neck hood • Full zip front  • Raglan sleeves with elasticated cuffs • Regular fit

This puffer jacket is deceptively lightweight and portable, with sleeveless versions acting as the perfect low-temperature layering piece. Accentuating your physique with an elasticated waistband, trust you can feel as confident and comfortable walking into the gym in this coat as you can on your daily commute. Chic but not too bulky, this puffer will compliment any leggings in your collection.

Shop: Women's Black Puffer Jacket

Cropped Puffer Jacket

Tech Specs:• Fully lined interior • Funnel neck  • Internal and external pockets • Oversized fit • Cinched waistband

Why not add a cropped puffer to your winter arsenal? A trusty cold weather option due to its fully lined interior, funnel neck and oversized fit; when coupled with a slightly oversized hoodie this jacket is arguably one of the cosiest winter coats on the market.

Shop: Women's Cropped Puffer Jacket

Mid-Layer: Windcheater

Tech Specs:• Water repellent exterior • Breathable mesh-lined interior  • 4-way-stretch woven material • Hood with adjustable toggles

The unsung hero of jackets, the Gymshark Windcheater is as versatile as it is practical. Demonstrating the ability to be worn as either a jacket, or a mid-layer due to its lightweight, water-repellent exterior, the Windcheater's versatile nature makes it a must-have for your winter wardrobe.

Shop: Men's Windcheater

Mid-Layer: Fleece Hoodie

Grade Collection: Fleece Hoodie

For the days where a coat just won’t cut it, try pairing a puffer jacket with a fleece hoodie mid-layer. Super soft to the touch and with a thick fleece material that will fit perfectly under a winter coat, the Grade Pullover offers an extra layer of protection from the cold.

Perfect for your winter wardrobe rotation, the Grade pullover's oversized and easily-styled fit makes it a true his-or-hers hoodie.

Shop: Grade Hoodie

What are your favourite ways to layer up in Winter?

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