The New 315 Lifting Collection
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The New 315 Lifting Collection

clock-circular-outlinePosted 16 Jun 2022

315. The New Collection

Bar's loaded, you ready?

It's the little things that add up to a big total. The chalked hands. The dipped hips. The shared tips. The belt bracing. The progress chasing. The PBs, DBs, SBDs and ATGs.

It's the silence. The calm before the command. It's our tribe screaming from the sidelines as we walk out, lock out, and go 9 for 9.

That's why we've designed 315 to be seamless, sweat-wicking and super lightweight, so that it can take care of the other stuff, and let you keep your focus where you really need it.

The brand new lifters' collection. Now available.

Bar's loaded. You ready?!

"The challenge was to create something which pushed past the boundaries of bodybuilding."

"Lifting is our roots, it’s our core and where we started, but performance lifting is something else entirely.

We wanted to support the weightlifters and the powerlifters within our community, so we listened to their feedback - understanding the complexity and the art of each lift and what this group of individuals needed specifically to help them up their numbers." - Peter Boyd-McGahan, Product Marketing Manager.

Featured above: 315 Seamless Lifting Tight, 315 Seamless Lifting Short, and 315 Long Sleeve Seamless T-Shirt.

About The Collection

Lightweight designs

The weights only move as fast as you do.

Crafted from some of our most lightweight durable materials, the 315 Collection allows you to work your way through every set of every rep confidently and in full focus.

Sweat-wicking seamless materials

There’s no room for distractions when you’re repping out. That’s why 315 is designed to fade seamlessly into the background, so you can tune out the world and focus on the lift.

Sweat-wicking technology allows you to keep your cool, while seamless designs across all silhouettes reduce irritation to hold your focus where you need it.

Locked In

Belts and knee sleeves are part of your plan when testing or competing at your 1RM. And there's no denying that these serious lifts - and lifters - look their best when they feel their best. That's why we aimed to solve the following issues:

  • A waistband that wasn't secure during lifts, and a t-shirt that had a tendency to rise underneath a lifting belt.

And create a collection that had been built with precision, so that you could provide the power when it came to your lifts. In 315 you'll find:

  • An internal drawcord waistband to both shorts and leggings to allow you to "lock-in" and feel supported.

  • Dipped hems on all t-shirts to make your lifting apparel weight-belt ready.

.When it comes to lifting apparel, 315 is just the beginning...

“The future of lifting apparel at Gymshark is about more than just performance. As a Product Marketing Team, we've started to look at how we can develop apparel that can actually help solve common lifting problems..." - Peter Boyd-McGahan, Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager Peter Boyd-McGahan, has been a part of 315's journey since the start, seeing its transformation from brief through to a full collection of purpose-built men's lifting apparel. In his words, this is just the beginning...

The New 315 Collection:
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315. Bar's loaded. You ready?

The Brand New Lifters' Collection

Now available.

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