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The 315 Collection

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Power Built On Precision

A lift might look like a single moment of explosive power, but we know it's built on the perfection of intricacies and the intensity of our focus.

Every set of every rep, every cue of every lift and every fail of every PB attempt is all in quest of marginal gains. This is a sport that demands co-ordination, stability, power and strength.

And in return, all you ask for is comfort under pressure.

Combining science, technology and invaluable insight from performance lifters within our community, 315 delivers everything you need in your apparel to up your numbers confidently.

New 315 Launching: August 26th, 7PM BST.

To our Aussie and American family, please note that 315 is ever-so slightly delayed. It's on it's way though. We promise.

"The challenge was to create something which pushed past the boundaries of bodybuilding."

"Lifting is our roots, it’s our core and where we started, but performance lifting is something else entirely.

We wanted to support the weightlifters and the powerlifters within our community, so we listened to their feedback - understanding the complexity and the art of each lift and what this group of individuals needed specifically to help them up their numbers." - Peter Boyd-McGahan, Product Marketing Manager.

About The Collection

Lightweight Fits; Heavy Lifts

The weights only move as fast as you do.

Crafted from some of our most lightweight durable materials, the 315 Collection allows you to work your way through every set of every rep confidently and in full focus. As MattDoesFitness said in a recent product trial for 315... "it weirdly feels like you're wearing nothing."

Perfect Form

Designed for lifters who crave comfort under pressure, 315 introduces our supportive seamless fabric into its designs like never before.

The concept was simple: create a supportive pair of men's lifting tights. Available in both a full, and 1/2 length design the 315 Tights offer a tight baselayer fit to support you through the range of motion required for each lift, and to further minimise distraction when you decide to lift heavy.

Built with the intention of layering knee sleeves as and when required, the 315 Tights also boast a breathable mesh structure at the knee.

Locked In

Belts and knee sleeves are part of your plan when testing or competing at your 1RM. And there's no denying that these serious lifts - and lifters - look their best when they feel their best. That's why we aimed to solve the following issues:

  • A waistband that wasn't secure during lifts.

  • A t-shirt that would rise underneath a lifting belt.

And create a collection that had been built with precision, so that you could provide the power when it came to your lifts. Our solutions:

  • An internal drawcord waistband to allow you to "lock-in" and feel supported.

  • A longline fit to make your lifting apparel weight-belt ready.

New This Season...

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Discover How 315 -Gymshark's First Performance Lifting Collection - Was Made

When it comes to lifting apparel, 315 is just the beginning...

“The future of lifting apparel at Gymshark is about more than just performance. As a Product Marketing Team, we've started to look at how we can develop apparel that can actually help solve common lifting problems..." - Peter Boyd-McGahan, Product Marketing Manager

Product Marketing Manager Peter Boyd-McGahan, has been a part of 315's journey, seeing its transformation from brief through to a full collection of purpose-built men's lifting apparel. In his words, this is just the beginning...

The 315 Collection:
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We'll provide precision. Can you produce the power?

Up your numbers in 315.

Launching August 26th, 7PM BST.

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