Retake: Industry Creatives In Marseille
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Retake: Industry Creatives In Marseille

clock-circular-outlinePosted 19 May 2022

Location: Marseille

Creatives: @jyrrel, @javelberlin, @maxleanross, @ellisgilbert22, @strgr_bell

Streetwear Is Evolving.

Over the past few years, street culture and its associated clothing has made sartorial headlines. It's moved away from speciality shops and all-exclusive drops, and instead, offered an entire generation the opportunity to get creative and try the latest trends.

To celebrate the launch of Retake - our new premium lifestyle collection, we tasked some of today's most influential creatives to hit the streets of Marsaille, and simply do what they do best: inspire others, and...

Create without limits.

Take in the the editorial lensed by Indy Sagoo and Ruth Rodgers at The Gymshark Studios, and our creatives in Marseilles.

  • Top Right: Retake Short Sleeve Crew, Seamless T-Shirt and Restore Joggers

  • Bottom Left: Retake Woven Shorts, Seamless T-Shirt and Crew

  • Bottom Right: Retake Long Sleeve T-Shirt and Short Sleeve Crew

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It's All In The Details.

Comfort meets style, fashion meets functionality... whatever your perception, Retake is a blend of the very best our threads have to offer. Stripped back to its bare essentials, discover premium woven fabrics, technical trims and lifestyle designs that stand on their own.

This is your opportunity to create without limits.

Technical detail is the primary focus of Retake, with toggles and elasticated drawcords showing up across all key designs.

Alongside smart adjustable features on the hoods, waistbands and cuffs that allow you to change the silhouette of the items for a truly personalised fit, the collection also allows its creative wearer to embrace both lifestyle trends, and performance gear.

Incorporating both seamless designs, and innovative paper-thin fabrics to keep you cool and refreshed on your next summer hike, this collection is ready to wear, no break-in necessary.

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No time to scroll new in? We've got you covered. Explore Retake in more detail - the collection designed for a fashion-forward generation...

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