Nikki Blackketter by Gymshark: All You Need to Know

Nikki Blackketter by Gymshark: All You Need to Know

clock-circular-outlinePosted 7 Jun 2017

It was a weekend like no other. 

The Nikki Blackketter by Gymshark collection was highly anticipated, and did not disappoint.Exceeding all expectations, we were completely blown away by the support we received from our incredible Gymshark family.  

A lot of work and effort went on behind the scenes for the launch of this incredible collection (read on for more insight in to the range), and it would not have been possible without the help of many. Although the video does not portray the run-up to the store, there was much that went on behind the scenes, and to the people who contributed, we are eternally grateful. 

The store opened on the 25th of March, 2017. It was a Saturday, and it was cold.

Did that discourage the people of New York? No way. Did you stick it out regardless of the weather? Absolutely. 

The store opened at 10am, and we could not have predicted the line that awaited us when we arrived. Wrapping around the entire block, it provided a glimpse in to the family we have built through Gymshark. It was a moment that will go down in Gymshark history. 

On arrival, Nikki was completely overcome with emotion, and could not have been more excited for the day to come; meeting fans, seeing reactions to the collection and experiencing the first ever Gymshark store.   

The entire day was filled with incredible moments, and Nikki worked hard to see as many people as possible, keeping the biggest smile on her face (her cheeks felt that smiling the next day!) and radiating the same electric energy she arrived with. 

Jazmine Garcia also kept the atmosphere going, running outside at any opportunity to ensure everyone was having a good time and keeping up morale (especially because of the cold weather!) 

‘I wanted to create clothing that showcased a body’s feminine features, while still being able to functionally perform at the gym.’

Nikki Blackketter by Gymshark: Behind the Scenes 

Much went on behind the scenes in the lead up to the reveal of the Nikki Blacketter by Gymshark range, and the process is something that both parties put their all in to.

Nikki Blackketter has plenty of experience within the athletic world. Knowing what clothing works, and what doesn’t. Looking at the Nikki Blackketter by Gymshark range, it screams confidence. A range of clothing that was designed with women in mind; how their body works, how it moves, and how the clothing can move with you.

A collaboration that bought together a group of people who have dedicated their lives to helping people lead a happy, healthy and positive lifestyle. Nikki Blackketter has been a Gymshark athlete for four years, establishing a strong relationship with everyone within the Brand and experiencing the incredible journey Gymshark has been on.

The Nikki Blackketter by Gymshark range was designed to be unique. A range of athletic clothing that has not been seen elsewhere. Designed to enhance a woman’s feminine features, whilst still being functional.

The clothing ranges from pieces perfect for layering, or ready for the gym. Creating versatile and dynamic options, all designed to accentuate certain areas of a woman’s body.

You will notice a theme of mesh throughout the collection. Mesh is the perfect addition to any work out clothing- allowing ventilation, whilst also adding a fashionable finish, leaving you with a stunning and functional design, ready for any work out. 

There are many feminine touches incorporated throughout the collection. The Cross Back Sports Bra is designed with an open back and low cut front, creating less pressure on your neck and shoulders, something other Sports Bras may not achieve. 

The Dynamic Leggings are designed with a high waisted V-style band, which accentuates the smallest part of the waist, allowing coverage in all the right places. The leggings are also finished in beautiful block colours, or a stunning print design, leaving you with a fashionable and versatile legging.

The collection also includes a select few products that can be worn to and from the gym, ranging from the Surface Hoodie to the Studio Jumper. Perfect for any kind of day, whether you are resting, or heading to the gym. So, for those days when you just need all the comforts of your favourite baggy jumper, but want to look and feel great, the Surface Hoodie can provide that relaxed vibe, but with a fashionable feel.

The Nikki Blackketter by Gymshark collection was created to be unique and versatile. A range of clothing that provides you with fashion, function, and beautifully vibrant pieces. 

It has been an experience like no other. We were, and continue to be, incredibly humbled by the support we received in regards to the collection, and the New York pop up shop. It has only fuelled our desire to work harder, expand the Gymshark family, and make this year our best yet.

Anyway, don’t just read this. Get your hands on the collection and experience it for yourself. We know you won’t regret it.

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