Apex: Heat-mapping Ventilation You Can See and Feel
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Apex: Heat-mapping Ventilation You Can See and Feel

clock-circular-outlinePosted 11 Apr 2022

The collection made to keep you cool when your training heats up. Apex introduces a collection designed with heat-mapping ventilation, leaving you feeling cool and comfortable so that you can focus on your conditioning. But how does that technology work, exactly?

Design DNA

Apex HIITS different because it uses technology that you can actually see. The ventilation holes on each Apex silhouette are visible through contrast colourways, and each one is a specific size engineered to match where you heat up the most. What’s more, each piece in the collection works in harmony; so even when you layer your Apex look, you experience premium breathability.

But, What Are The Benefits Of Heat-Mapped Ventilation?

Well, we know that intense training requires performance wear that works just as hard as you do. So, by adding strategically placed heat-mapping zones throughout the collection, you can guarantee that Apex will keep you cool and dry throughout your training, no matter how hot it gets.

As if that weren't enough, Apex is designed with every aspect of your performance in mind:

  • High stretch material supports your HIIT movements.

  • Zero distraction designs allow for your best focus yet.

  • Extra mesh ventilation is added to help keep you fresh.

For the men’s collection, premium zip pockets mean your essentials are kept secure. Whilst the added support of fused bra cups and high-waisted leggings within the women's collection allows you to put in the overtime with zero distraction designs.

With the latest collection now live, Apex is an addition your workout wardrobe shouldn’t go without. Because no matter how intense your training gets; Apex steps up for you every time.

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Whether you train for strength, agility, speed or endurance, the clothing you work out in needs to withstand the explosive power you put into each and every movement. Explore Apex in more detail and discover an elite collection of silhouettes and styles to suit your individual training needs.

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