Men’s Compression Fit Shorts For Lifting, Running And Layering
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Men’s Compression Fit Shorts For Lifting, Running And Layering

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Sometimes we need our shorts to fit tight, snatch us, and support us in all the right areas for optimal performance, enter; compression shorts. Compression shorts, both ultra-tight and seamlessly comfortable are a superb choice for running and lifting as their second-skin fit provides the least restriction while moving whether that’s your stride length or squat depth.

Particularly beneficial for your deadlifts, compression-fit shorts keep your valuables (IYKYK) safely tucked so you’re protected through each lift.

Not to mention, they show off your leg day gains quite nicely too...

It’s not all that common to see men in tight-fit shorts at the gym, as looser styles tend to be the norm at the moment, especially with the craze for oversized everything. But best believe, compression shorts are becoming more and more popular - and for good reason too.

Sported by bodybuilders for years, and worn as base layers by athletes and for cold-weather running, compression-fit shorts are made for comfort, support, and functionality. Question is, are they for you? Let’s find out.


What Are Compression Shorts?

Compression shorts are stretchy elastic shorts that offer an ultra-tight fit much like a second skin. They provide compression and offer support to the quad, hamstrings and glute, and muscles. You can wear these types of shorts to enhance sports performance or for layering purposes.

We first need to call out that our compression fit shorts do not offer the medical grade standard of compression and as such we tend to refer to these as offering a “compression fit”. You can find two types of compression garments; one used for medical purposes such as preventing blood clotting, and the other is used for sports performance.

Sport compression garments such as compression shorts, or compression sleeves utilize compressive qualities to provide support, flexibility, and increased warmth and blood flow to the compressed area.

When To Wear Compression Fit Shorts:

You can wear compression-fit shorts to enhance sports performance or as a layering option in the cold weather. Here are three popular reasons you may want to wear compression-fit shorts.


Compression-fit shorts can be worn for running as the tight fit allows you to run without distractions like your shorts riding up or falling. The streamlined silhouette can improve your aerodynamics by reducing drag as you run which although small could reduce your running speed. The compressive fit also increases blood flow to the upper legs which can aid with recovery.


Wearing tight-fitting shorts for exercises like deadlifts provides a solution to shorts that bunch up during your last reps. A pair of compression-fit shorts will stay put rep after rep meaning you can focus on the lifts and nothing else. Plus the extra warmth created by a tight-fitting garment also helps prevent injury, and having warm hips and legs will help with muscle contraction. It can also be useful to wear tight garments so you can see the angles of the joints in the mirror and improve your form.

If you’re an aggressive center knurler, you might want to consider compression-fit shorts for your next deadlift session. Because of their tight fit, compression shorts are good for safely tucking your goods away which helps avoid any collision with the bar during your lifts.

As Thermals

Another reason you may want to wear compression shorts is for layering in the cold weather. Since they are skin-tight, they contain the heat in the compressed area. So if you’re out hiking in the midst of winter, a pair of compression shorts or full-length options like the Element Leggings make for the perfect base layers. You can also wear them for cold-weather running and layer under looser styles of shorts or joggers.

What To Look For When Buying Compression Shorts

When looking for compression shorts, decide first what you’ll wear your shorts for. If it’s running, you may want to look for sweat-wicking fabrics and zip pockets, for lifting you may opt for a completely seamless fit, and for layering you might prefer a completely seamless fit. Here’s a list of key features to look out for.

  • Rubber Waistbands - provide grip so that your shorts stay put around your waist

  • Flatlock Seams - seams lay flat against your body to help prevent chafing

  • Mesh Panels - for added breathability

  • Sweat Wicking Tech - best for your sweatiest sports to keep you cool and dry

  • Zipped Pockets - handy for running so you can store your phone and keys

  • Reflective Details - added visibility so you stay seen running in the dark

  • Seamless Fabric - for reduced irritation and full focus

Our Best Compression Fit Shorts

We offer a range of compression-fit shorts that are suitable for wearing as base layers or to work out in. Our compressive fit shorts offer an ultra-tight fit, with a comfortable stretchy waistband and fall just above knee length. Sculpted for support, function, and focus, our baselayer shorts are designed so that you can make your performance a priority.

Control Baselayer Shorts

If you want a pair of compression-fit shorts with a minimal design that provide structure and support, these are the shorts for you. With multiple seams to contour and support you and a clean silhouette… who knew base layer shorts could look so chic? They also benefit from mesh panels for added breathability and a premium, stretchy material for full freedom of movement.

Element Baselayer Shorts

The Element compression fit shorts are another pair of base layer shorts that offer an ultra-tight fight for layering under your looser garments. They have the same look and feel as underwear, with a stay-put boxer-style waistband and sculpted design for support and compression. This pair also extend down to the knee and are enhanced with sweat-wicking technology.

315 Seamless Shorts

For the lifters out there, the 315 Seamless Shorts are your compression-fit shorts of choice. Compression shorts help improve athletic performance as they provide extra support around your upper thighs and the muscles you engage heavily for lower-body weightlifting exercises. The second-skin fit also provides flexibility as you move through a full range of motion.

Apex 1/2 Run Tights

Calling all runners, fancy swapping your loose shorts for something of the tighter kind? Form-fitting, sweat-wicking, and complete with a back zip pocket to house your essentials, these compression-fit shorts will support you through your toughest runs. They’re made for your sport with reflective logos for staying safe running in the dark and an adjustable waistband for the perfect fit.


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