Ladies Meet Apex: Your New Go-To Collection For High Intensity Workouts...
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Ladies Meet Apex: Your New Go-To Collection For High Intensity Workouts...

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We're always training for stronger, faster, further, better; both in conditioning and in the clothes we decide to train in. Apex's evolution brings our latest progression to functional fitness. It's all about training for function - in other words, perfecting a range of movement patterns that have purpose.

That purpose can be related to getting better at day-to-day activities - like squatting to pick up your groceries, getting up from the sofa, or even pushing or pulling a heavy door open. In other words, a functional workout is something that strengthens you in a particular way that translates to an activity outside of the gym.

But what to wear?

Train For Function

in Apex.

Each silhouette across the training capsule has been thought out meticulously, with every feature engineered for free motion, breathability and minimalism - including mesh-knit structures, low-profile stitching and elite seamless technology - your focus is left entirely on redefining your performance potential.

There's good, there's better, and then there's Apex.

Discover our favourite outfit for training functional.

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Featuring considered details that visually help bring GSIQ technology to life, Apex is a collection that is engineered to help blur the lines between performance and style by introducing technically progressive designs.

Explore our new favourite outfit for functional training in more detail: Apex Seamless High Rise Leggings & Apex Seamless Crop Top - the very first of its kind.

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The Details:

Train for Endurance in Apex's Seamless High Rise Leggings

From the rig straight to the squat rack, the Apex Seamless High Rise Leggings are movement-ready, whatever and wherever the workout.

  • Training for function comes with sweat and grit, but Apex has been engineered to enhance your training by offering maximum breathability in key heat zones which have been identified by our GSIQ technology. Ventilation comes in the form of strategically placed triangular mesh-knit structures, and is emphasised through contrast colourways.

High Waistbands Ensure Ultimate Comfort And Support
  • The Apex Seamless High Rise Leggings have been designed to hug you where you need support, and allow for complete flexibility when your muscles stretch and move, ensuring ultimate comfort and minimum restriction.

UV Yarn Detailing Adds Style To A Technical Performance Product
  • One of - if not - the clear standouts from this collection is our new futuristic-hue: Black-Glitch Yellow. Designed to match the energy that you bring to your workout, this unique colourway features UV yarn throughout its contour detailing which glows when placed under UV studio lighting.

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Train for Power in Apex's Seamless Crop Top

Designed to withstand the explosive power and agility that you put into your workouts, the Apex Seamless Crop Top has been technically engineered so that you can complete your daily WOD without distraction, or restriction. Available in sharp colours and 3/4 sleeves, this design is the first of its kind.

  • Lightweight, high-stretch blends of polyester, nylon and elastane don’t just endure your training, but enhance it, offering ultimate freedom of movement. Add in sweat-wicking Seamless technology and you can be sure your focus stays where it needs to be when performing compound movements.

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Learn More About The Collection

If you could make a women's workout collection that was specifically designed for functional training, optimising breathability and ensuring you get the most out of your workout, how would you do it?

This simple question is where our Design Team Started. Discover the product story as told by Apex's Junior Product Manager - Fergus Barnham, who charts the innovation from concept to completion. And if you want to learn more about each product in detail? Isla Gilbertson - Womenswear Designer behind our female Apex collection is on-hand to explore each item in depth and discuss why it's so special...

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Complete The Look...

Whether you train for strength, agility, speed or endurance, the clothing you work out in needs to withstand the explosive power you put into each and every session. Explore Apex in more detail and discover an elite collection of silhouettes and styles to suit your individual training needs and styling requirements.

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Every Conditioning Journey Starts Somewhere. Why Not Make It Functional.

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