Let's Normalise Conversation Around Men's Health

Let's Normalise Conversation Around Men's Health

clock-circular-outlinePosted 10 Nov 2020

#Balls. #Bollocks. #Goolies. #Nuts.

There's no denying that us guys have a whole host of imaginative names for our crown jewels. And, believe us, when we're offered the opportunity to talk about our nearest and dearest, you know we'll be more than happy to drop a few (questionably) witty remarks.

Pipe up about health in front of us, and well, *cue personality transplant*... moving swiftly on, ey. Reality is, when conversations around health are brought up, we then become men of very few words. What we don't know won't hurt us, right?

As a result, if you ask us how we're feeling; in succession, we will more than likely give you a reply of:

  • I'm fine.

  • Not too bad, thanks. Yourself?

  • Yeah, good mate.

See, the biggest challenge we actually face is not our post-COVID 1-rep-max. It's normalising conversations around our health and challenging the status quo.

Yes - it's scary. And we're left feeling pretty bollocks when things turn hairy but it's a conversation we shouldn't take lightly.

This November, we're taking our health by the balls.

  1. Know Your Nuts.
  2. Meet the Bros and their Mos.
  3. Get involved!

Know Your Nuts

The Importance Of Self-Checks:
  • Globally, testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer among men aged 15-39 years of age.[1]

Early detection is key. Self-checks are easy to do and are essential for your testicular health.

Here's our simple how-to:

  1. Bathe yourself in warm water - from a bath or shower ideally.

  2. Take one ball at a time and roll it (gently...) between your fingers and thumb.

  3. Pay close attention for any new or noticeable lumps, bumps or changes. You know them better than anyone after all!

  4. If anything doesn't feel right, get in touch with your doc and get yourself a proper check-up.

Illustrations by: @djhattiedraws

. . .

Introducing: The Hairysharks

We have to say... we're incredibly proud of the eclectic mix of mos we've managed to grow here at Gymshark. Fancy a sneak peek? Oh go on, treat yourself.

By jove, don't they look spiffing...

The #Hairysharks have returned. This November the guys at Gymshark have packed out a month of moustachioed activity to help fundraise for Movember - an incredible organisation, and movement, which transforms the way health services reach and support men, through donations you raise.

The boys are sacrificing their beards and withstanding the itch to Grow a Mo - an initiative by Movember which 'commands attention, demands a double-take and starts lifesaving conversations about men's health'. Whilst kissing levels for the bros may have declined, reports from partners have confirmed that 'tache-trimming and grooming-time spent in front of the mirror have increased. Dramatically.

Alongside their nascent 'tache growth, some of our Mo Bros have also started fundraising - setting themselves some pretty magnificent physical and mental Mo Your Own Way challenges (via Movember), to help support the conversation. More on this and how you can support below...

But, things don't stop there.

The boys have also worked alongside our Refuel Team here at Gymshark, to create a number of delicious recipes - all ball shaped ofc - which we'll be sharing on Central throughout the month for you to try and make at home.

Meet (some of) The Bros and Their Mos

Aidan Broletti

No time like Mo time. It wouldn’t be Movember to me if I didn’t plan a stupidly hard physical / mental challenge and face some personal demons myself. @ferguscrawley inspired this and although it’s only a fraction of the challenge he faces, I’m excited to support him remotely in the best way I can.

Aid's Challenge:

  • Summit Everest - on a stair master. In 4 days.

[update]: smashed it.

Last year, Aid completed the 3 national peaks in under 24 hours. This year, he's pushed himself even further; challenging both his body and mind to summit the height of Everest, on a gruelling stair master. In just 4 days. Alongside his everyday 9-5 might we add...

Early mornings and dark evening stair climbs at the LC - prior to gyms closing - saw this Bro and his Mo achieve the impossible.

[Support Aidan.]

. . .

Fergus Barnham

It's more than just a moustache. 2020 will be the most important year we will ever grow Mos. Everyone, including men are struggling more than ever, so now is the time to make stand - for our fathers, brothers, sons and friends. I'll be doing my best to get some facial hair, and will also be doing a weekly challenge that represents a few of the many issues The Movember Foundation stands against.

Ferg's Challenge:

For the 11,700 Prostate Cancer Deaths a Year in the UK. (Wk1)
  • Accumulate 11,700kg of weight moved each day.

For the 510,000 Worldwide Suicides Each Year. (Wk2)
  • Ride a total of 510km (102km per day).

For the 6,507 Suicides A Year In The UK. (Wk3)
  • Run 6.507 miles each day, whilst wearing a weighted vest.

For the 65 Testicular Cancer Deaths A Year In The UK. (Wk4)
  • Row a total of 65km (13km per day).

[update]: in progress.

We can lift the weight of the world off our shoulders, by putting a little weight on our back. We believe in the transformative power of training.

Ferg has gone one step further than a little weight. Moving 11,700kg daily through a variety of deadlifts, back squats, sumo squats and bench presses, Fergus is starting a conversation around men's health this week by raising awareness for prostate cancer.

Be open with those around you, call your friends and make sure to check in on them. Share the weight between you.

Week two is currently under way...

[Support Ferg.]

. . .

Peter Boyd-McGahan, Lewis Grinsell, Ash Wilson & Matt Dehaty

The Hairy Bikers

We should be facing this month together... but with the current situation this may be more difficult than normal. As a team we were supposed to ride 24 hours on Wattbikes to raise awareness of this crazy good cause, but unfortunately [with gyms closing] that doesn’t look so likely. We have all agreed this will still go ahead in some shape or form, so keep an eye out...

Pete, Lewis, Ash and Matt's Challenge:

  • A 24hr bike ride (now remotely), covering 874 miles - the distance from Land's End to John O'Groats.

[update]: sore.

Have you ever seen such a fine-looking group of men, in spandex?

From the (dis)comfort of their own homes, the hairy bikers raced through kitchens, garages and living rooms to complete a gruelling 874 miles in-saddle. Despite having to cycle alone due to social distancing and recent lockdown measures, this was far from a solo-challenge.

The boys were set up on what we can only describe as the least private Zoom call ever... Shared with all staff internally, friends and family were able to check in on the progress of Pete, Lewis, Matt and Ash via Zoom for the duration of the 24 hours. Beers were drank, rope was jumped, jokes were shared and grunts were most definitely heard.

Another 4 Bros and their Mos who challenged the impossible to raise awareness for an incredible cause.

Support The Hairy Bikers.

. . .

It's Your Time. Here's How You Can Get Involved.

The Lowdown...

3 weeks of intense workouts to support our brothers, fathers, friends and fellow bros.

Testing not only our physical endurance but our mental strength too, the LC coaches have designed a variety of challenges to help us - the motley crew at Gymshark - raise awareness for men's health. We're encouraging you to either join in with us at home, or, sign up and create a unique Mo Your Own Way challenge with Movember, via the following link:


How we'll be splitting the workouts here at Gymshark:

  • November 11th: CLIMB

  • November 16-22nd: WOD

  • November 23-29th: RUN

If you do join in with us, don't forget to tag us and your friends so that we can keep the conversation going. It's on all of us to help normalise the conversation around men's health.


Men's health is an incredibly important topic that needs to be spoken about on a regular basis. If you're unsure how to start the conversation, Movember have created a wonderful tool to help steer you in the right direction - it's time to be more than just 'fine'.

Join us this November, as we begin to take our health by the balls.

. . .


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