Less Is More This Rest Day With The Seamless Underwear Collection
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Less Is More This Rest Day With The Seamless Underwear Collection

clock-circular-outlinePosted 13 May 2022

Fancy spicing things up in the loungewear department? We've got you.

Did the OG lockdown see you splurge on feel-good loungewear pieces to keep your spirits up? We completely relate, and if you’re anything like us, you've worn those sets into the absolute ground. So it’s about time we have a bit of a re-up in the lounge department and elevate those go-to joggers from all our TikTok dance attempts.

That’s where the seamless underwear collection comes in; an all-about-you, comfort-first collection designed to feel like you’re not even wearing anything, for a distraction-free underwear staple.

Designed With Comfort In Mind

Much like how your gym fit changes for what type of workout your doing; high-impact and sweat-wicking for cardio, or comfy and squat-proof for leg days; your underwear is the same.

Every pair of briefs in your drawer most likely has its place, and rest day is no exception. On rest days and lounging around the house, comfort is usually the first priority, and seamless underwear makes that easy.

Our seamless boxers take elements of the classic menswear boxer, combined with a form-fitting silhouette that hugs and supports your shape. High-waisted with a stretchy ribbed waistband so that you can enjoy the all-tucked-in feeling, and complimented with seamless contouring to make your new favorite underwear a daily go-to.

Full seamless comfort is provided by our v-neck and scoop-neck bralettes, combining simplicity and practicality for any occasion that requires comfort first. Designed to feel good for you, the stretchy material makes these bralettes an easy choice for all your lounging needs.

Underwear As Loungewear

The seamless underwear range is designed for full comfort, inside or outside your home. Crafted in a selection of neutral shades to compliment every skin tone, this is the collection you'll feel confident sporting as underwear and as outerwear.

You’re probably aware of the underwear as outerwear trend, and might have even rocked a lacy corset number as a date night outfit, but what about underwear as loungewear?

Chances are you’re already very familiar with this wardrobe option – the baggy tee and comfy brief combo anyone? Our seamless collection should be your first choice for elevating your rest day look, for when comfortable yet cute is the order of the day.

The versatility of the seamless bras and boxers hit the mark as stylish pieces that can be dressed up with your favorite sweatpants and oversized sweaters or laid bare, as comfy at-home rest day fits.

How To Style Our Seamless Underwear... From Our Stylist Brona

"Wearing your sweater draped over your body/around your shoulders channels the following scene that you’ve just rolled out of bed. The perfect accessory for when you’re not sure whether or not you want to wear a sweater today but perfect for when lounging around the house. It adds that athleisure interest to even the most basic outfit (even if you are only lounging around the house in your underwear),."

"Throw on an oversized tee, with our seamless underwear for ultimate rest day feels. Oversized T-Shirts - somehow this staple manages to be all the things. An oversized tee - a breezy must-have for the summer heat, but also roomy enough for winter layers and a definite fave for cozy chilling on the couch. Here we’ve paired it with our seamless underwear set to give that off-duty twist. Comfort is key when we're wearing our underwear, so why not pair this with our comfy rest day hoodie and shorts for your go-to everyday comfort fit."

"If you want to take the collection beyond your four walls then how about pairing our Gymshark seamless boxers with your denim jeans and a crop top (we like the Pause LS crop, but we might be biased) can give that ultimate effortless, carefree look. Don’t be worried about the boxers showing over the waistband, in fact, that’s exactly what you want."

"Continuing with our underwear as outerwear look, opting for a wide-leg silhouette such as baggy pair of jeans or loose jogger elevates the deliberate visibility of the underwear band. Even if you don’t have an oversized pair of jeans or joggers you can roll down the band of any style like we’ve done here with our rest day shorts. To give that cool girl, undone/ effortless/careless chic kinda look."

Our Rest Day Essentials

No rest day is complete without the things that make you feel like your best, chilled-out, stress-free self. We're big fans of self-care on down days, which can look like anything from pampering yourself to booking that physio appointment you've been meaning to get round to.

Eating well and getting enough sleep are also up there on our essentials for rest days, especially if you've been training hard all week. Ross Edgley goes into detail on the importance of sleep in his article over on our health hub. Or if you want to try out a new nutritious smoothie the next time you've got the house and blender to yourself, check out our energy-boosting recovery drinks recipes.


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