Layering Done Right With The Retake Collection
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Layering Done Right With The Retake Collection

clock-circular-outlinePosted 27 Sep 2022

We’ve taken another trip around the sun, and here we are at that transitional time of year that proves a bit of an annoyance when choosing outfits. The days of throwing on a tee and a pair of shorts might be behind us, but we’ve got everything you need to step into the next season in style.

It’s not quite time for puffer coats (that… we are happy to delay).

But this is your call to up your layering game. We’re talking essentials for layering outfits to wear on those colder days, sunny days, and everything in between.

Light, buildable pieces, seasonal colors… we’ve got just the collection in mind for layering clothes - it’s Retake.

Let’s take a look at our guide to layering your clothes this Fall using pieces from the Retake collection.

Guide To Layering Clothes

Anyone can throw on a t-shirt, sweater, and jacket, but it might not end up looking like a complete outfit in the way you’d hoped.

We’re not going to lie; layering done right is no easy feat, but we’re here to make it easier with our 5 step guide on how to layer clothes.

Experiment With Different Textures

Layering clothes… it’s the crème de la crème of autumn fashion, and trust us, it’s not as technical as you might think.

From the runway to streetwear, one of the unspoken rules of layering clothes is playing with different textures. Wool knits with tailored trousers, silk complemented by mesh; combining contrasting materials adds an edge to an outfit.

Mixing textures can create the oomph your outfit is looking for and can elevate your fit. It’s how you can create more unique layered outfits and also get more wear out of your clothes.

You can dress an outfit up or down by experimenting with different materials; for example, wearing sweatpants with our Retake Nylon sweater creates an elevated textured take on a casual look, which in our opinion, makes the outfit more interesting.

Combine Neutrals Or Add A Pop Of Color

The key to layering clothing is keeping it simple and sticking with a neutral color scheme, with the option to add a pop of color if you’re feeling jazzy. You’re already layering pieces, so you don’t also want to go overboard with the patterns and prints.

Mix-matching neutral tones that complement one another means you can create an eclectic look quite simply. When you know all your layers will match, it means less time in the morning staring into your open wardrobe.

Adding a pop of color to a simple outfit can spruce up your fit when your mood calls for it. It can even just be a bright accessory like a hat or pair of socks that make all the difference. With Retake, each piece is designed in muted neutral colors that mesh well together, meaning you can mix and match layers with confidence.

Consider Proportions

Now consider the principles of proportions. This is all about how each piece of clothing should sit on your body and what lengths and silhouettes compliment you. Ideally, you want to create an outfit that works for your proportions and shows off your clothes in the best way.

Adding multiple layers that fit the same on one area of the body can make you look bulky, and swamping yourself in jackets that are far too big will hide the layers you want on show.

Instead, you might consider following where the midpoint of your body would be when creating an outfit. For example, if you have a short torso, you could wear longer tops to give the illusion of a longer torso and a balanced proportion.

As styled here using Retake you can see that showing a peek of an under-layer is used to lengthen the torso with tops that are cut shorter in length, and oversized tops are balanced out with tapered trousers for balance.

Allow Underlayers To Show

As you can probably tell by now, we’re big fans of allowing a peek of the underlayer show on an outfit. There’s something about it that can transform an outfit from plain to stylish almost instantly.

When the weather calls for a sweatshirt or hoodie under your jacket, but you still want your first layer to show, just give it a tuck down or scrunch the second layer up, so your first layer peeps out. It elevates the look perfectly and allows you to add more depth and vibrancy to the outfit if you’re wearing a colored underlayer.

You can execute this easily with the Retake collection, as the lightweight fabrics can be layered easily and tucked, rolled, or pulled out to your preference.

Use Accessories To Add Dimension

Now for the icing on the cake of styling; it’s time for accessories. Instead of heading out the door with all your belongings weighing your pockets down, why not add a sling bag for your essential items? It’s not only a functional layering choice but a pretty dang cool one too.

Adding an extra layer using a bag creates dimension to an outfit that could look quite plain otherwise. Matching your bag to the fashion style you’re going for also helps to build a complete look… you wouldn’t wear a running belt bag with a 70’s style outfit, would you? Well, maybe you would, but that's your prerogative!

You can also add dimension to your layered outfit with a beanie or cap. Providing some extra warmth for your head top, it’s an ideal wardrobe choice for the cooler months. Coordinate your hat with the color of one of your layers as a foolproof way of showing that you know how to dress.

Now you've got all the layering style tips you need to step into the next season with the confidence to build the perfect layered outfit.

Shop the Retake collection to make this transitional time of year a little easier.

Please note: This collection is not currently available in the US.


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