It's Time To Step Up

Black Lives Matter.

clock-circular-outline-lightPosted 2 Jun 2020
It's Time To Step Up

Fuck standing on the sideline. Fuck injustice. Fuck racism. 

To us, strength has no identity, and solidarity should have no race.

We will represent Black culture and communities better within our own. We're working hand-in-hand with our Black athletes and team members to shape our plan for better representation, not just for now, but for forever.

It’s on us – all of us – to learn from those who understand racial prejudice, to develop the understanding of those who don’t, and to take time to self-educate on the challenges of Black, and under-served communities. Not just in America, but across the world. 

At Gymshark, we’re all taking time to educate our peers, our families and ourselves.

To do that we must all hear each other, and stand with each other. Today. Tomorrow. Always.

What Are We Doing To Help? 

  • In a stand with our Black friends, family and teammates all over the world, we’re donating $125,000 to Black Lives Matter. We’d be honoured to have you donate alongside us

  • All Gymshark channels will be used to educate and encourage others to fight for a positive change - we will work closer than ever with our Black athletes as we continue to build diversity in our athlete roster, support our local communities and develop further initiatives.

  • We're utilising our internal education platform to circulate - and give access to - a library of resources, in order to increase the awareness of equal rights to our Gymshark staff. This initiative aims to provide a deeper understanding of the injustice and inequality that millions still face.

Why Did We Donate To Black Lives Matter?

Because of their mission. Because, although this is a difficult topic, they help to voice the silent words that many of us are screaming. They help to educate us, whilst simultaneously creating space for Black imagination and innovation. And most importantly, they align with our cause. 

With thousands of brilliant initiatives arising, deciding which charity to support was not something that happened overnight for us. What it came down to, was this...

"There's so many great initiatives that could benefit from our money right now, but if our stance is 'fuck standing on the sideline' then in my opinion, there's one group who truly aligns with our stance, and that's Black Lives Matter.

Whenever there's an injustice in the world, they are always there, on the front line. Never on the sidelines." - Daniel Knight, Gymshark Diversity Forum

Black Lives Matter pioneer in the movement to fight for freedom, liberation and justice. 

Leading the way in providing a voice for Black people, BLM provide the resource for further understanding of racial prejudice, opening the eyes of the world to the challenges many people face, whilst offering an opportunity to make change.

Where Else Can I Donate? 

With hundreds of charities helping communities, we understand that it can be difficult knowing where to direct your charitable donations. By no means a comprehensive list, here is a short index of organisations that you can donate to right now to make an immediate difference.

How Else Can I Help?

As well as the educational resources below, being vocal is a crucial step in gaining awareness and promoting the need for change. Here is a list of petitions and further ways you can help.

9 Resources That Will Help Develop Your Understanding

There is no guidebook to eradicate racism. There are however, multiple insightful resources and learnings that have been published to help educate us, and our community on the history behind the movement. 

Below, a variety of non-fiction, and fiction works by authors that help paint a visual representation of both pain and injustice, which aim to unite all races in the fight for equality and freedom.  



*Resource List Taken From @GoodGoodGoodCo, with input from Sarah Sophie Flicker, and Alyssa Klein 

We don’t have all the answers. So, we're asking for your help. We want to hear from you.

If you know of, or have any further resource recommendations, please leave them in a comment below, so that we, alongside others, can continue to learn and educate ourselves.

Gymshark will not stand on the sidelines whilst this injustice is still present in our world. 

We are devoted to creating and uniting a conditioning community that celebrates anyone and everyone.

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