Introducing our IPF Approved Powerlifting Singlet, Sizing FAQ + New Updated 315 Collection
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Introducing our IPF Approved Powerlifting Singlet, Sizing FAQ + New Updated 315 Collection

clock-circular-outlinePosted 25 May 2023

It’s getting serious up in here as we enter competition territory with the release of our first-ever IPF Approved Powerlifting Singlet.

You’ve probably never seen anyone sporting a singlet in your local gym, and a singlet isn’t an aesthetic choice for powerlifters either. It’s actually compulsory for anyone competing in a powerlifting competition to wear one.

Every powerlifting federation has set rules for athletes to abide by, and as you can imagine, wearing your usual lifting get-up of an oversized t-shirt and hoochie daddy shorts isn’t going to cut it. For fairness, all competitors are required to wear a well-fitting singlet to allow judges to see their legs and form during each lift.

And with the lifting community being at the beating heart of Gymshark, it was about time we stamped our name on the most serious of lifting garments.

So let us introduce you to our IPF approved, unisex Powerlifting Singlet, answer your questions on how to get the right singlet sizing, and give you a look into our newest rendition of our revered performance lifting collection, 315.


Gymshark Powerlifting Singlet

The Gymshark Powerlifting Singlet is a unisex all-in-one to be used as official wear for powerlifting competitions.

Perfected over a number of years, we're proud to debut our Gymshark singlet to the world. Meeting the technical specs required for competition standards, this product is designed to mold perfectly to your body to ensure you're platform ready and prepared to lift heavier than you've ever lifted before.

Made for powerlifting, here's a look at some of the Gymshark Singlet's unique features that will help you pull the slack on competition day.

  • Seamless construction means no side seams to prevent distraction when wearing with your lifting belt

  • Body contouring structures flatter the body and provide shape and support in all the right places

  • Engineered using flat-felled shoulder seams and quick-drying Taslan yarn to enhance durability

  • Full gusset to achieve wider leg opening (massive quads, no problem)


How Did We Test Our New Powerlifting Singlet?

It’s been a long-time coming, we know, but our powerlifting singlet has been in the works for a while now. We wanted to get it right the first time around.

Our first prototypes were developed and tested with powerlifters and strongmen from our Gymshark community. With our 2nd prototype, after performance enhancements were made, we sent it out to our world-class roster of powerlifters to test.

As well as our athletes and community testing the prototype in their own training environments, we put the singlet to the test on the platform to see how it faired in competitive conditions. Jamal Browner proceeded to break a world record for his weight class in the powerlifting singlet with his iconic 500kg lift, and our very own Lifting Club Manager Sam Cubbins set some PBs at the Arnold Games in our home city Birmingham.

Once the prototype met the highest standards and had gone through rigorous testing, we met with the world leading governing body for competitive powerlifting, the International Powerlifting Federation. Our singlet got the stamp of approval from the IPF, meeting the technical specifications required for a competition standard singlet.

FAQ: Answering Your Questions On Singlet Sizing


Jamal Browner’s Powerlifting Tips

In 2022, Jamal Browner broke the world record for total weight-lifted at a powerlifting meet, in our prototype powerlifting singlet, being the first to lift a mindblowing 500kg in a deadlift.

Making waves in the powerlifting community, if there's one person we wanted to chat powerlifting with, it's Jamal Browner. So we sat down with Jamal upon the launch of our Singlet to pick his brain for the best powerlifting tips and tricks he wants you to know.

Take a look here at Jamal Browner's 6 Powerlifting Tips For A Stronger Deadlift.


315 Is Back For A Third Season

2020 is a year a lot of us don’t wish to look back on, and for good reason too. But it was also the year we welcomed the Launch of 315, our first performance lifting range designed to give competitive powerlifters and weightlifters maximum performance, with the durability to withstand the toughest physical demands.

Two years later, 315 V2 arrived, new and improved. To ensure this collection was optimized for the performance lifter, we added nano grip technology and used stronger yarns for the garments, all sported by Jamal Browner in a now iconic shoot.

Now we're back with the newest rendition, let's take a look at what's in the collection.

What’s In The 315 Collection

Back, and better than ever, you'll be happy to know we've kept all your favorite features to flex on the platform. Say hello to more seamless designs that limit irritations for a distraction-free lift. Close-fitting silhouettes allow you to see how you move and adjust your form as you go, so you can achieve the perfect lock-out, again and again.

Since this collection is made for the serious lifter, we've revived our elongated hems on our seamless tops to give you space for your belt and sleeves to sit comfortably.

All pieces in the new 315 collection are available in an all-black colorway and a new tonal summer shade of light sage green. The woven shorts are also available in grey.


Find out more about the 315 collection in this detailed article that covers all the ins and less of the out's on your favorite lifting collection.

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