Gymshark Deload: Become Your Mental Best

Gymshark Deload: Become Your Mental Best

clock-circular-outlinePosted 7 Jun 2020

Weight Belongs In Your Hands, Not Your Head.

Your wellbeing is as much mental as it is physical, and, at Gymshark, we want to be here for you from head to toe. Gymshark Deload is a place for all of us to put down the weights, and put focus on our mental health.

Deload exists to deliver a stream of positive information, guidance and entertainment, that boosts you when you're at your mental best, and supports you when you're not.

Underpinned by content, advice and stories from bona fide wellbeing experts and much-loved familiar faces, ranging from qualified medical professionals to stand-up comedians, the aim of Deload, is to make a difference, not just a statement. 

Whether you're looking for some direction or some distraction, Deload is on-call to help take the weight off your mind.

Where will you find Deload?

Everywhere. Whether it's a podcast on our social media platforms, a seminar as We Lift The City, or a personal 1-2-1 with an expert, Deload is an outlet that covers everything mental health from Gymshark.

Expect to find insightful learnings, strong communities and big smiles with Deload everywhere, very soon. 

Scroll down to find out where you can access Deload already...

Meet The Deload Sidekicks...

A team who give a shit and know their shit. That's what Deload needed to become the home of genuine help. Enter, the Sidekicks.

The Deload Sidekicks are our - and your - wellbeing professionals and trusted friends, who can tell, tale and chat about everything from mindful actions to nutritional reactions. You'll catch them on our social channels and at our events all over, all the time. We couldn't be happier to have them.

Time to get to know 'em a little better...

Dr. Mike | NHS General Practitioner Dr. Mike Banna

NHS Practitioner; educator; speaker; writer; podcaster; you name it. Dr Mike's skills are countless, but the most remarkable of all is his ability to understand. Mike lives a conditioning journey of his own and knows everything we go through on the daily.

Instagram: @drmikethe2nd

The Mind Medic | Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Vohra

Sarah helps her patients on a one-to-one every day, and is on a mission to debunk mental health myths. Her Instagram channel, @themindmedic, is full of tips, tools and takeaways all with the same goal: for us all to lead calmer, happier lives.

Instagram: @themindmedic

The Nutritional Advocate | Nutritionist Alan Flanagan

Chasing his PhD at the University of Surrey, Alan wants to learn, and teach everything about nutrition with his devotion to impartial, science-based info. Now isn't that food for thought?

Instagram: @thenutritional_advocate

Food and Psych | Kimberley Wilson CPsychol

Kimberley's an avid advocate of 'Whole Body Mental Health', combining nutrition and lifestyle with psychological wellbeing. As a Chartered Psychologist and award-winning food producer with a nutrition degree, you would, right? Most importantly, we share Kimberley's passion of the power of psychology to transform lives.

Instagram: @foodandpsych

Here's where you can catch Deload already...

A Bit About The Mix

Gymshark Deload exists to make a genuine difference. To do that, we knew we needed to connect with people like The Mix, who truly care about the people they reach and the impact they have. 

The Mix are a UK-based charity who offer essential support to those who need to talk, to lift you through the tough times and to live with you through the good times. From specialists to peers, their help is never more than a conversation away.

Wanna Talk?

The Mix's group chats - live every night from 20:00-21:30 UK time - enable and encourage conversations about any and every walk of life. It doesn't matter whether you're after judgement-free advice from a Support Chat, or a light-hearted distraction from a General Chat, there are conversations on everything from anxiety to nutrition and self-esteem to exercise.

So, what do you want to talk about? You can join in on the conversation here.

Do They Mix Up Their Services?

The Mix are on-hand with other services too, like their 1-2-1 Chat - available to the Gymshark Family every night from 16:00-23:00 UK time - for advice from specialists (or as we like to call them, sidekicks) and their Crisis Messenger for those in greater need of someone to lean on.

It's important to understand that The Mix are UK-based, and so their services are tailored to people in the UK, but that doesn't tie up their helping hand. Group chats are open to all regions, and the 1-2-1 Chat and Crisis Messenger services are available too, but be aware, The Mix's help for people outside the UK may vary between providing it themselves, and directing to other helpful sources. Either way, you can be sure The Mix will offer the very best they can, every time.

If you've got something to say, no matter how big or small, we can't wait to hear it.

*Note: The Mix may signpost you to alternative mental health platforms, more relevant to your country of residence, age or personal requirements. Any signposting from The Mix will always be the interest of finding you the best support possible.

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