How To Style Your Whitney Goodies
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How To Style Your Whitney Goodies

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Gymshark x Whitney Simmons x YOU

We get it. You've copped your Whitney drops and you know that the 'fit is looking hot fire flames. But what about mixing your new favourites with some of our core staples so that you can get the most out of your exclusive collection?

It's Time To Mix Things Up...

Serving nothing but straight inspo, Whit has crafted a number of 'fits to help inspire you to get a 'lil creative and style your new pieces, your way. And you can bet that Fran, our Studio Stylist here at Gymshark is on hand to help explain the stylistic decision behind each and every 'fit...

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The Core Collections For Any Stylist

When it comes to styling, there's no denying that we all have our trusty faithfuls. Often donned in neutral tones and minimalistic designs, these simple - yet powerful - silhouettes are items that we know we can rely on time after time.

Pairing easily with just about anything, styling your outfit alongside your core go-to products ensures your final 'fit is always on point.

Explore our everyday staples, and the items our Stylists can't live without...

Go Oversized: Training Oversized T-Shirt

When it comes to styling oversized, there's one universal rule: the baggier, the better.

These larger-than-usual pieces of apparel are integral when it comes to subtle layering and crafty coverage. Offering ample styling opportunities with dropped shoulders, longline hems and quality fabrics, the Training Oversized T-Shirt guarantees an urban edge to an already era-defining look. This one's all about comfort.

Follow Whitney's style and round off the laid-back 90s ensemble with the Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Mesh Leggings and a pair of understated kicks.

. . .

Your Trusty Faithful: The Adapt Family

Minimalism is big right now, but it's still a good idea to add some visual flavour to your capsule when it comes to styling.  And we're not just talking bright colours... this season, it's time to embrace patterns. Subtly. 

The Adapt Collection - known for its warm fabric blends and supportive details, allows you to introduce a number of subtle prints and patterns into your wardrobe. Remember, eyes will draw toward the print, so make sure to balance the 'fit with something neutral for a relaxed look.

Style Adapt with your Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Robe for a chic take on loungewear.

. . .

Our Go-To: The Vital Collection

Along with fit, the most important part of putting together an effortless outfit is your choice of colour. This season, we're loving neutrals.

Timeless in its design, the Vital Seamless Collection has recently become the foundation of many hero looks here at Gymshark. Famous for its soft and buttery fabrics which stretch with you as you lift, squat and jump, Vital allows for easy styling every day of the week. Take the guesswork out of getting dressed by layering your favourite high-rise leggings with an oversized tee and a neutral sports bra.

Style your go-to Vital pieces like Whit and pair with the Gymshark x Whitney Simmons High Rise Legging for a seriously effortless look.

. . .

Athleisure Style: Ruched Training Sports Bra

Not just a passing trend, "athleisure" is fast-becoming firm fashion vocab.

Like with many things in life, less in more when it comes to this kind of styling. Offering a minimalistic silhouette, smart tailoring and clean lines, the Ruched Training Sports Bra gives your casual 'fit more structure, without overdoing it. Removable padding and adjustable straps ensure the low support provides comfort 24/7.

Opt for pieces that pair well with your current wardrobe. You already own that crisp white tee, so pick out a neutral sports bra and a smart zip hoodie with shape and durability to layer up this season.

Follow Whitney's style and style the athleisure look with the Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Cycling Shorts.

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Wear It Your Way.

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