The No-Nonsense Style Guide You've Been Waiting For
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The No-Nonsense Style Guide You've Been Waiting For

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Finding your own personal style, and outfits that genuinely suit you is a tricky business, but an essential one to master if you want to stay sharp.

Now don't panic. The good news is, is that we have Fran - our very own Studio Stylist here at Gymshark to help you serve ultimate looks all summer long. Explore how to step out of your comfort zone with bold prints, acknowledge the importance of tonal colours and learn how to master the fine art of layering when the seasons begin to change.

This is the no-nonsense style guide you've been waiting for.

Fran's Style Tips:

Pair Block Patterns and Colours Together.

Inject a little personality into your workout gear for the season ahead. Granted, zigs and zags in obnoxiously loud colours can make introducing prints a little daunting. But have faith...

The key is to stick with one style of print and keep everything else dialled down. Pair your bold printed sweater combo with an all-white sneaker and you'll be serving understated steez all season.

Fran Recommends: The Critical Collection

Own The Tonals.

Classic designs in neutral colours are considered the faithful foundation of any look. Eternally current and always stylish, it stands to no reason that adding another tonal tee to your ever-growing collection isn't totally unreasonable.

The overall effect is effortless.

Fran Recommends: The Arrival Collection


Mastering the fine art of layering during the summer months is no easy feat. For many - ourselves included - it's the eternal struggle of trying to look cool, and be cool at the same time.

This season, utilise lightweight layering choices to seriously flex your style muscles when heading out. Consider textures, colours and the overall proportion of your 'fit when choosing your final look.

Fran Recommends: The Critical and Crest Collection

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Fran told you how you could style 'em, but here's how you can shop her favourite styles in ease. Yep, we've taken the guesswork out of getting dressed and linked each style for you to explore below.

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