#Gymshark66 | The All Important FAQs

Have a question about #Gymshark66? From entry details to winning prizes, we've outlined everything you could possibly need to know about this year's challenge...

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#Gymshark66 | The All Important FAQs

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Challenge Yourself To Change With #Gymshark66

If you have questions about Gymshark 66 - from entry details, to winning prizes - you probably aren't the only one.

Whilst we love to think that we've somehow gained telepathic skills during lockdown, we appreciate that you guys may have a question that we didn't quite get round to answering. If that is the case, please just drop us a comment below - we'll get back to you ASAP with all the juicy details that you need to know.

But First...

What better way to explain what #Gymshark66 is; its importance and its values, then the people who truly embody all that the challenge stands for?

Click play and become part of the worldwide community committed to change.

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We know it's tedious, but if you find yourself with five minutes spare please, please take some time to read through our #Gymshark66 T+Cs. It'll be worth it... promise.

Gymshark 66 comprises of various competitions for you to get involved in. All Gymshark 66 competitions are subject to our terms and conditions which can be found here!

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What Is Gymshark 66?

Gymshark 66 is the 66-day event where together, we challenge you to change your life by forming positive habits that will last a lifetime. Whether those habits are for your mind, your body or your soul, Gymshark 66 celebrates every goal and every step made towards it.

Over the past three years, Gymshark 66 has been the catalyst to help hundreds of thousands of people develop a healthy lifestyle, begin a fitness journey, and learn a variety of new skills.

2021 is your year to get involved.

This event isn't just about fitness challenges and physical changes - Gymshark 66 is your ultimate challenge to change, and we're here to support you in every way we can. You could be looking for workout motivation to build muscle, become a healthier weight, or to train for a big sporting event. Or, maybe your challenge is directed more towards your mind and your soul... maybe you want to take more time to meditate or read, learn how to make nutritious meals, or simply find more space to feel and become that little bit more creative.

No matter what you choose to commit to, your goals for #Gymshark66 will help form habits that will last a lifetime. Something which - to us at least - seems a lot more powerful than your average New Year's resolution.

Last year, we asked you to find your reasons not to, and turn them into your reasons why.

This year, for #Gymshark66 2021, we're asking you to try.

  • Try new, and put yourself outside of your comfort zone.

  • Try hard, and give an extra 10%.

  • Try now, and start something you've been meaning to.

Because if not now, when? What will you try for 66 days?

. . .

How Do I Enter Gymshark 66?

  1. Decide Your Try: the first step is to figure out your try. Maybe you want to try hard, and give an extra 10%? You could try new, and give something different a go? Or just try now, and start something you've been meaning to.

  2. Post Your Pledge: to make things official, you need to write down the goal that you want to achieve during the 66 days on a pledge card, or homemade sign, along with the date and #Gymshark66. Take a picture of yourself holding your pledge card and post this to your Instagram feed, Twitter feed, or the Gymshark Community Group Facebook Page by 23:59 GMT on December 31st 2020, with the tag @Gymshark and the hashtag #Gymshark66.

  3. Share Your Story: from the 1st January 00:00 (GMT), it’s time to start sharing your #Gymshark66 story (with at least two posts a week on your chosen social media channel!). Shout out the highs, share the lows and document every moment of progress towards your pledge. How you choose to share your story is up to you; just as long as you stick to the same social media channel and never forget to tag #Gymshark66 and @Gymshark.

  4. 66/66 Selfie: to celebrate the end of #Gymshark66 and formally complete your entry, you must upload your final #Gymshark66 photo to your chosen social media account by 23:59 GMT on March 7th 2021, with the tag @Gymshark and the hashtag #Gymshark66. This image must be of yourself holding up your second Gymshark 66 pledge card, or homemade sign which states the date (March 7th) and #Gymshark66 on it.

When Is Gymshark 66?

Entry... (Your Pledge Card Submissions):

To make things official and be in with a chance to win Gymshark 66 2021, your entry must be uploaded on time, and in the correct format.

Initial Gymshark 66 Entry Image:
  • You must upload your initial entry image between 00:00 (GMT) December 8th 2020, and 23:59 (GMT) December 31st 2020. This image must be of yourself, holding your pledge card.

If you upload you initial entry image before 00:00 (GMT) December 8th 2020, or after 23:59 (GMT) December 31st, your entry will not be valid.

Final Gymshark 66 Entry Image:
  • To complete your entry, your final Gymshark 66 image must be uploaded to your specified platform by 23:59 (GMT) March 7th 2021. This image must be of yourself, holding your second pledge card.

If you upload your final entry image before 00:00 (GMT) March 7th 2021, or after 23:59 (GMT) March 7th 2021, your entry will not be counted.

Competition... (The 66 Day Challenge):

Gymshark 66 2021 officially starts at 00:00 (GMT) January 1st 2021, and will come to an end at 23:59 (GMT) March 7th 2021.

Click below to find out what time #Gymshark66 competition starts and ends in your country (you'll just need to add your country of residence). If you're still unsure, feel free to drop us a reply in the comments section below - we'll help you out.

Weekly Challenges:

  • To take part in the weekly challenges, you must upload at least 2 posts specific to that week's challenge to your specified platform, between the challenge opening date (09:00 ((GMT)) every Monday from January 1st 2021), and the challenge closing date (10:00 ((GMT)) every Thursday from January 7th 2021).

  • Each challenge will have a specific hashtag to use - don't forget!

To find out the specific dates for our weekly challenges, please take a read through our T+Cs here.

To be on the side of caution, we’d recommend putting a few reminders in your calendar.

Is There An Age Restriction?

Yes! We've said it before and we'll say it again, Gymshark 66 is for everybody, everywhere, but this year for legal reasons you must be 18+ to officially take part in #Gymshark66.

I've Registered For A Pledge Card, But I've Still Not Received Anything?

Hold tight! Once you've signed up and registered for your pledge card via the #Gymshark66 hub, it could take up to an hour for the email containing your pledge card to be delivered.

If you still haven't received your pledge card, or are unable to download it from your email, please feel free to save the below image! If you're on your phone, all you need to do is hold the image down and click 'Add to Photos".

I Don't Have A Printer To Print Off The Gymshark 66 Pledge Card, Can I Still Take Part?

Of course! If you’re unable to print off the Gymshark 66 pledge card, feel free to make your own!

Similarly to last year, we wanted to give you something tangible, something about Gymshark 66 that you could physically grasp, personalise and doodle on. Not having a printer, should NOT act as your excuse for skipping out on Gymshark 66.

Get creative! Use post-it notes, write your pledge on an old t-shirt or simply rip a page out of a notebook - however you do it, tell us what you’re hoping to achieve this 66!

How Do I Pick A Goal / Do We Need To Have A Goal To Take Part In Gymshark 66?

We encourage everyone participating in #Gymshark66 to have a goal to work towards - whether it's improving your overall wellbeing, increasing your physical fitness, or simply becoming more creative, your goal should be something personable to you. Please don't feel pressured by what you see on social media - do what's best for you!

Take the time before #Gymshark66 really begins to experiment with what you enjoy and what will give you the motivation to continue. The gym isn't for everyone, so don’t be afraid to try something new and find something that you truly care about.

The first step when picking your goal, is deciding what exactly you want to achieve/gain from your journey.

The second is creating a plan of action. Now that you've got your north star - the one big goal that you'll strive to achieve - you'll need to break it down into smaller, more tangible steps. Think of it like stepping stones: by week one, I want to achieve *insert baby step*, by week six, I want to achieve *insert bigger, baby step*.

After setting your goals, patience and perseverance are key to success. Be patient with yourself and your body, start steady to avoid injury and enjoy what you choose to do!

Does My Entry To Gymshark 66 Have To Be A Picture Of Myself?


Your Gymshark 66 entry image has to be of yourself holding your pledge card. Whether it’s a #selfie, an image on self-timer, or, you’ve asked someone in your household to professionally take the photo; show us who you are and what achieving your goal in 66 days would mean to you.

Do I Have To Be Wearing Gymshark To Enter Gymshark 66, Or Can I Wear Other Brands?

We won’t be offended if you’re not wearing Gymshark!

Despite this being a Gymshark challenge, we totally understand that not everybody wanting to participate in Gymshark 66 will own Gymshark clothing, and, dependant on your goal, gym wear might not actually be the most suitable attire...

Camo Seamless whilst training to swim a PB? Best not.

Wear what you feel comfortable in, and if it happens to be Gymshark... well that's just an added bonus.

Do I Have To Upload To Social Media To Take Part In Gymshark 66, And If So What Channel?

Yes! To take part and ensure that your Gymshark 66 entry is valid, you'll need to upload an entry image, your final 66/66 image, and, at least 2 images per week documenting your journey to one of the following social media channels:

Shout out the highs, share the lows and document every moment of progress towards your pledge.

Although we'd love for you to share your challenge on every social media platform possible, posting on just one allows us to track and document your entire journey that little bit easier. Don’t forget to tag #Gymshark66 and @Gymshark!

This means that more of your posts will be seen by the ever important #Gymshark66 Social Media Team.

Gymshark 66 Weekly Challenges... Are They Happening Again This Year?

Absolutely!! There’s no end to the ways you can challenge yourself to change, physically, mentally or even charitably. That’s why we’ve created nine diverse challenges for every week of 66, including staying local, getting active and going green.

You can give one, some or all of them a try, either as extra weekly challenges or as a plan for your entire #Gymshark66. Designed to keep you motivated and on-track during your journey, these challenges will be updated on our 66 hub, every Friday at 24:00 (GMT) from January 1st 2021 up until February 26th 2021.

Alternatively, you don't have to take part in these challenges!

We’ll also be creating a little Gymshark 66 Challenge Cheat Sheet here at Gymshark Central, which explains more about what you can expect from each weekly challenge. We'll be posting weekly advice from January 1st on how you can get involved - whether that's a recipe or two, a guide on how to tie-dye, or even some workout inspiration!

Can I Take Part In The Weekly Challenges If I Haven't Signed Up For Gymshark 66 Competition?

Absolutely! Gymshark 66 is about more than just winning, it's about changing your life by forming positive habits that will last a lifetime. You're more than welcome to participate in as many of the weekly challenges as you wish within the opening and closing dates for each competition. (You don't need to have entered the #Gymshark66 personal journey competition to take part in the #Gymshark66 weekly challenge competitions). Just make sure to follow the entry process!

What's Up, WhatsApp?!

This year, we’re introducing something NEW to our #Gymshark66 campaign (big drumroll, pls)…

It’s Here. WhatsApp Conversations.

Whilst we can’t tell you the exact meaning of life, we can help you with your 66-journey in a slightly more personable way this year.

Do you have questions about 66? Are you in need of moral support from the GS Social legends themselves? Maybe you’re looking for #inspo for your pledge card or weekly challenge…

Whatever it is, feel free to drop us a message on WhatsApp and we’ll answer your query within 24 hours!

What Do I Do If I Start To Lack Motivation During Gymshark 66?

Trying to do anything consecutively for 66 days is no easy task; your mindset and the strength of your determination will undoubtedly be put to the test. On the days you don't want to continue, remember: although you are doing this for yourself, you are not alone.

Through these 66 days, we pledge to help turn your losses into learnings so, if you're feeling a little under the weather or are in need of some motivation during your Gymshark 66 challenge, we'd recommend trying at least one of the following:

What Happens If I Don't Reach My Goal By The End Of The 66 Days?

PSA: it doesn't matter.

This challenge isn't about success or materialistic trophies, it's about the journey that you've undertook; the changes that you've made, and every small step taken to get you to this specific moment.

If you’ve challenged yourself to change and whole-heartedly tried your best, you've already won.

How Do I Win Gymshark 66 / What Is The Winning Criteria?

If you challenge yourself to change, you're already a winner to us - but we will pick a few people who truly embody all that #Gymshark66 is about to win the ultimate prize, plus a few little goodies. The criteria is as follows:

  • Show a little creative flare and originality in your social media posts.

  • You must have genuinely formed a positive habit or changed your life in a positive way (remember, this doesn't have to be a physical change).

  • You must have demonstrated that no matter what (past the highs, lows, challenges or otherwise), you can always achieve your goals regardless of what they may be.

  • Helped to inspire and motivate others to take on new positive challenges.

Tell Me About The Prizes...

Sure, the real competition in #Gymshark66 is yourself, and the real reward is the positive habits you form and the changed life you live. But where we can offer a little extra reason to try, we will… Here’s what you could win by taking part in #Gymshark66 2021:

The 6 #Gymshark66 Winners:

If we could have you all as winners, we would, and if you’ve positively changed your life, you’ve already really won. As all true competitions must though, there will be six overall winners of #Gymshark66 2021. We’ll be making it worth their try, too…

The six overall winners will be rewarded with:

  • A 5-day Gymshark experience.

  • Involvement in the 2022 Gymshark 66 campaign.

  • A Gymshark outfit every month for a year.

The 60 #Gymshark66 Weekly Challenge Winners

We had to have 66 top triers for Gymshark 66, didn’t we? So, after the six overall winners, the remaining 60 will come from the weekly challenges; those whose efforts offered inspiration and made a genuine change will complete The 66 for 2021.

As one of the weekly challenge winners, you could win the following:

  • A £100* Gymshark gift card

  • A host of #Gymshark66 limited edition products

*up to the value stated or local currency equivalent if winner resides outside of the UK. Our lawyers have very politely asked if you could also take a read through our #Gymshark66 T+Cs for specific prize details. Thanks in advance.

When Are The Winners For Gymshark 66 Announced?

The 6 #Gymshark66 Winners:

The six winners for #Gymshark66 will be notified via direct message to their social media account, shortly following the closing times (these can be found in our #Gymshark66 T+Cs Here!). They'll further be announced on Gymshark's social platforms: Instagram, Twitter and the Gymshark Facebook Community Page by 23:59 (GMT) March 15th 2021! Keep an eye out!

The 60 #Gymshark66 Weekly Challenge Winners :

Winners for the #Gymshark66 weekly challenges will be notified via direct message to their social media account, shortly following the closing times (these can be found in our #Gymshark66 T+Cs!). They'll also be announced here, on Gymshark Central, each Friday by 15:00 GMT.

. . .

They say it takes 66 days to form a habit; we believe it takes 66 days to change your life.

Challenge yourself to change and try new, try hard, or try now with Gymshark 66.

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