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Gymshark x Whitney Simmons: The Collection

She's back for another limited edition capsule. Celebrating self-growth, progress and change, this is Gymshark x Whitney Simmons: Season 3.

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[PSA] Customer accounts will be turned off during the initial launch of the Gymshark x Whitney collection on the following online stores: UK/US/CA/NL/DE. This does unfortunately mean that you won't be able to view your order history, or use pre-saved addresses during the checkout process.

It's not all bad news though... for those living in the UK and US, if you shop the Gymshark x Whitney launch on the new Gymshark App (currently only available on the App Store) you'll be able to log-in and have full access to your account during checkout this evening.

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A Collection Shaped By Progress.

You've changed. And isn't that wonderful? You've aged, grown and adapted. Striking the perfect balance between reflection and work, both by yourself and with those around you, you have encouraged every part of yourself to be the best it can be.

Embrace your journey with the new Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Collection.

Since the indelible autumn launch of Gymshark x Whitney Simmons V2 last year, Whit, and our Womenswear Design Team have been quietly working away behind the scenes with your feedback in mind to create its beautiful evolution.

All new silhouettes, shades and accessories, ready to progress with you.

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Featured: Whitney Mesh Short and Whitney Mesh Sports Bra in Pollen, and Whitney Sweat Towel in Unbleached

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When creating exclusive capsule drops with our athletes, we want each item within the range to be 100% bespoke, encapsulating each of our athletes unique talents and what they stand for. From the messaging behind the collection, to the reason why a certain shade of colour was chosen - everything is thought out meticulously.


Since the beginning, Gymshark x Whitney Simmons has payed homage to Whitney's daily mantra "it's a beautiful day to be alive", with the hopes that her collection would then inspire confidence, joy and positivity through every workout and every day, to those that wore its buttery-soft fabrics.

Gymshark x Whitney Simmons: Season 3 expands on that core message, whilst encouraging a celebration of self-growth and change.

"Shaped By Progress."

This third collection is different from previous iterations, and so is the wonderful woman behind its release. Over the past few years, Whitney has taught us that one of the most remarkable things about ourselves, is our infinite capacity for change. And our relentless strive for balance. We age, we grow, we adapt, we evolve. Constantly and beautifully.

We are who we are, because of who we were.

Happiness defined not by how we look, but by how every piece of us feels. Striking the perfect balance, for perfect synergy.

Explore the new Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Collection!

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To truly capture the identity of this capsule, Whitney and our Womenswear Design Team have worked around the clock to develop a timeless colour palette, consisting of 8 beautiful shades.

From muted mid-tones (eucalyptus) and seasonal AW colourways (dandelion brown), to mellow and playful pops of chroma (peony pink & pollen), the new Gymshark x Whitney Simmons collection has a little something for everyone.

Pollen / Peony Pink / Goal Blue / Mink / Eucalyptus / Unbleached / Dandelion Brown / Black

Featured: Whitney Crop Tank and Whitney Loose Joggers in Unbleached, and Whitney Crop Tank in Eucalyptus.

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As the excitement settles in about the launch of the new Gymshark x Whitney Simmons collection, we can only assume that there's one thought uniting keyboard warriors, Whitney fans and style lovers alike: other than the colour palette, what's different?

Everything. Kind of.

Whilst you'll notice many similarities between Whitney V2 and Whitney V3 - the supple fabrics and indelible glute enhancing seams to name but a few; it's the new designs, boasting new fits in new colours that make this a collection to remember.


"We've designed this collection to keep you cool and comfy through every workout, and every rest day. I love the way the supple, buttery fabric gives that second skin feel, and the new colors and silhouettes are just gorgeous *chef's kiss*" - Whitney Simmons.

Featured: Whitney Crop Tank in Eucalyptus and Whitney Cropped Pullover in Mink.


Made to move and progress with you, the Gymshark x Whitney Simmons collection of leggings and shorts ensures comfort through every workout, and any rest day.

Featured: Whitney Mesh Shorts in Pollen and Whitney Oversized T-Shirt in Goal Blue.

The Whitney High Rise Leggings

Continuing their legacy, the Whitney High Rise Leggings are back for another season with new and improved detailing.

Crafted from the same soft buttery fabrics, and featuring the all-important glute-enhancing seam that featured in season 2, this year's rendition offers an incredibly supportive fit, with a high waistband that sits flat against your back, supple contouring and minimal seams for ultimate comfort.

The Whitney Shorts

For those of you who prefer to wear shorts during your sets, we've introduced two brand NEW styles to the Gymshark x Whitney collection. Each silhouette has been crafted from the collection's signature buttery fabric and of course, features the well-loved glute-enhancing seam.

The Whitney Mesh Shorts boast a supportive, high rise fit with a comfortable waistband and feature NEW mesh panelling designs down the front of each thigh, allowing you to breathe easy during your workouts.

The Whitney Cycling Shorts are slightly longer in length proving themselves as a vital addition for versatile styling both in and outside of the gym. Their design follows the legacy of the Whitney High Rise Legging - offering new and improved seams, a high rise fit and a supportive waistband.


Just as you are constantly adapting, these versatile pieces are easy to style and perfect for layering any look.

Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Sports Bra and T-Shirts:

The Whitney Oversized T-Shirt.

Featuring long hemlines, an oversized fit and dropped shoulders for ultimate comfort, The Whitney Oversized T-Shirt has been designed as an adaptable lifestyle piece - offering ample styling opportunities and different levels of coverage.

Wear it loose and show off its graphic design and beautiful messaging, or tie to the side so that the intricate design details on your Whitney leggings can be seen.


Be kind to yourself. Gymshark x Whitney Simmons encourages you to embrace all aspects of your journey - to welcome change, and celebrate growth. It's about embracing the you of today for everything she is and knowing that you're absolutely perfect for whatever tomorrow brings.

This collection has been designed to offer supreme comfort wherever you are on your journey, because your rest days are just as important as the hours you clock in the gym.

Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Athleisure & Outerwear:

The Whitney Oversized Robe

As mentioned earlier, this collection is an evolution of its predecessor. Designed with your feedback in mind, Whitney and our Womenswear Design Team have worked tirelessly to create a variety of new rest-day items that are as versatile in style, as they are diverse, in both shape and fit.

Introducing, the Whitney Oversized Robe - your new rest-day staple. Featuring an oversized fit, dropped shoulders and a trending bellow sleeve, its design is focused towards those that want a little extra comfort out of their loungewear.

Styling Note: The Whitney Oversized Robe is designed to be worn off the shoulder.


Love every phase. Celebrating boundless creativity and collaboration, Gymshark x Whitney Simmons V3 introduces a variety of new accessories to the limited edition release which aim to not only elevate your personal style, but also ensure you have the means to progress on your conditioning journey. It's all in the detail...

Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Accessories:
  • Whitney Holdall

  • Whitney Scrunchies

  • Whitney 600ml Straw Bottle

  • Whitney Sweat Towel

  • Whitney Light Resistance Cord

  • Whitney Medium Resistance Cord

  • Whitney Heavy Resistance Cord

The Whitney Holdall

Redesigned for Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Season 3, the Whitney Holdall continues to boast its adaptable silhouette - offering its owner the ability to change the size and shape of the bag by using an adjustable drawcord detail.

Where the design begins to differ from last years holdall, is in its material and intricate design details.

This seasons iteration of the bag has been crafted from a durable, heavy-cotton canvas and a reinforced waterproof base, making it as durable as it is trustworthy. Additional features include a new removable shoulder strap for added comfort and soft carry handles.

The Whitney Resistance Cords

The first of its kind. A NEW addition to this year's collection, the Whitney Resistance Cords allow you to switch up the intensity of your workout session in style.

Designed with a premium fabric blend and available in three beautiful colours reflective of the Gymshark x Whitney capsule, all that's left to do is find the resistance that is best suited to you: light, medium or heavy.

Featuring padded handles across all three designs, the Whitney Resistance Cords allow you to train in comfort.

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The countdown is on. For an in-depth review on the Gymshark x Whitney Simmons collection, you might just want to peep this...

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Wondering how to style the Gymshark x Whitney Simmons Collection?

Our athletes are on-hand to show you their favourite style combos ahead of launch. You might just want to peep this...

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BUST: 32” | WAIST: 27” | HIPS: 35” | GLUTES: 38” | HEIGHT: 5’6"

Whitney wears GS size: small.

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