The Best Shorts for Men This Spring
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The Best Shorts for Men This Spring

clock-circular-outlinePosted 29 Apr 2021

Although we love our faithful tracksuit bottoms, there comes a time that calls for getting your pins out.

Yes - it's scary. And we're left feeling pretty vulnerable to our mate's sudden collection of imaginative leg-day jokes. But let's face it, there's nothing worse than overheating mid-workout when the weather warms up.

So, the best shorts for men this spring? Where do we even start...

The concept of men's workout shorts is always simple. They must fit well, they must look good, and they must not - under any circumstance - restrict the movement of the humble squat, or mighty deadlift. 

This season, it's time to pay attention to the skimpiest part of your outfit. Take your pick from the styles our Editors are loving this spring...

Click on the icons below to view each short in more detail. And if you love it? We've linked 'em, so you can grab 'em quick.

Arrival Graphic Shorts:

Sport Shorts:

Arrival Shorts:

If you're keen to start playing with colours this season, our collection of bright workout shorts for men allows you to take that first step forward.

Style Tip: tone the outfit down by pairing your bright shorts with a relaxed, neutral hue on top.

. . .

Spring Has Officially Sprung.

Workout or play, how will you be styling your shorts this season? Drop us a comment below with your go-to outfit combo.

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