Gymshark London Store: The Feed

Planning a trip to the Gymshark LDN store? Or just fancy staying in the loop? Get the latest in our GymsharkLDN feed...

clock-circular-outline-lightPosted 8 Mar 2020
Gymshark London Store: The Feed

GymsharkLDN closing down at 20:00 March 17th

Safety first. Gymshark forever.

To help keep the entire Gymshark family and everyone across London safe, GymsharkLDN will be closing down early at 20:00 on March 17th.

We opened GymsharkLDN because our community will always come first. Now, we must close it for the exact same reason.

We're sorry for any disappointment caused, but we trust in your understanding and compassion in these exceptional circumstances.

As we all prepare for the worst, we can still keep bringing our best. We’ve made all home workouts free on the Gymshark Conditioning app indefinitely.

Thank you for your incredible, ongoing loyalty. Please take care of yourselves and everyone around you.

Safety first. Gymshark forever.

. . . 

Let's be real, we all love a feed.

From a classic British pie, to infinitely scrolling #memes on social media.

Feeds are part of everyday life. And for a limited time, is IRL, too.

So why not indulge in another feed? (have we said feed enough, yet?)

Here's our LDN store's exclusive reel - featuring brand new, behind closed doors content for you to devour (with you eyes) over the next four weeks.

And yes, it is a feed - Use your right (or left) thumb, and scroll it, now....

Key Store Details:

Dates: 28.02.20 - 29.03.20 Time: Mon-Sat: 10AM-8PM | Sun: 11AM-6PM Location: 19-20 Long Acre, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9LD

click here for more info on the Gymshark London store


If you've been following the London Store activities, you'll know that we're bringing something a little special, and a little new, to the store each week. Through meticulous curation of never-seen-before, pre-release product drops, Gymshark LDN is set to be the shop to cop the latest gym wear, before anybody else.

Guaranteed, we've brought the URL to IRL for these pre-releases, but rest-assured we promise you these items will be available to buy on the web in the upcoming weeks. Whether you can wait that long, is another thing coming...

Last week we saw new iterations of Critical for the guys, and a much sought-after release: Vital Seamless (Seamless shorts, can we get a hell yeah) for the girls. Now don't panic, they're still in-store and will be until the 19th March.

Bringing the URL to IRL, these are the exclusive products we released during week 3 of the Gymshark London store:

  • For the guys: NEW CRITICAL

  • For the girls: NEW VITAL SEAMLESS

Who Lifts You? | International Women's Day

This International Women's Day, we celebrated the women in our lives who lift us to our goals, to our potential and to our truest selves.

We stand by each for equal, and the ideal that every single person - no matter their race, views or upbringing - should be entitled to the same opportunities as the person next to them. This being said, none of that would be possible without the selflessness, loyalty and courage of the women who support us in everything we do. To find out more about this years International Women's Day campaign, click here.

In order to support the females in our lives that lift us to fight for glory; realise our potential; push boundaries and break misconceptions, we decided to bring the online-campaign to life, at the Gymshark London Store.

What went down?

Both NUKA NAILS and Too Faced Cosmetics made an appearance at #GymsharkLDN; celebrating those that lift us with a fresh mani and natural glow...

Attendees were given the opportunity to choose from 7 unique, and specially curated nail designs. From a strong classic camo print, to a little sparkle and glam - sometimes we really do just need to relax and unwind. Guaranteed, getting your nails and makeup done is not a winning combo for everyone out there... but we like to think we created an event for everyone...

Sunday 8th March saw BodyByCiara - the absolute queen of workout wonders - take our unsuspecting guests through a fierce and impactful, full-booty workout. From resistance training to working out with various weights and tunes, this was a collaborative event storied for Gymshark history.


Following two weeks of high-intensity conditioning at the Gymshark LDN store, it was about time we chilled out a little...

Week 3 saw Gymshark x GymBox host an array of flow classes, designed to calm the body and soul; stretching muscles and improving mobility.

With a strong emphasis on movement, this week’s choice of classes included ‘Rolling With My Yogis’, ‘Contortion’ and ‘Yoga For Lifting’.

Customers and workout-buddies alike had the opportunity to try new and unique ways of challenging their mobility, with the expert coaches at GymBox leading the way.


Mic'd up for the man talk.

Being a bystander won't do, it's time to be a part of the conversation on men's health.

The Man Talk led a panel of inspirational men, who each shared their own story - from the toughest days to the most successful, and how others can relate, and, use fitness and sport to bring positive change to their lives.

Creating a positive, inclusive environment for men to converse on their most prominent thoughts, guests were urged to discuss their feelings and be open with the room.

There is power and strength in your story - share it.

Leon, co-founder of The Man Talk hosted a five-man panel, including; Nic Hamilton, Terroll Lewis, Xavier the Life Coach, Waz Ashayer and Noel Mack.

The Man Talk panellists provided an insight into both their personal and professional lives; sharing how their learnings, and actions have improved their mental and physical health.

Neat Burger came through with the no-meat-patty-hook-up, ensuring guests leave with a full stomach alongside their 'The Man Talk' experience.


Turn up, tune in.

LDN Unplugged united the London community on Thursday night at the opening of the Gymshark LDN Store in Covent Garden.

The event combined London's finest up and coming artists with established industry names, showcasing the perpetual talent of the UK music scene and surrounding culture.

Scroll to see the night unfold...

Dj Soraya span the discs as Nathan Hector conducted the nights' proceedings below ground level, as guests headed underground.

North Londoner and singer-songwriter, Dolapo, set the evenings tone with an intimate and confident display of true R&B.

Sinead Harnett delivered all-levels of sass, as the Londoner turned up the heat 10ft below Covent Garden, with a mix of electronic soul and dance.

Feet were moving, calories were burned. Wingstop provided the refuel while Bottle Up kept things hydrated.

Wretch 32 captivated the audience with a mixture of his old and new music, drawing the crowd closer and elevating the room to new heights.

The evening concluded with Alicai Harley, displaying her unique artistic blend of UK grime and dance-hall - energising the room and keeping things active.


It’s not Gymshark if it’s not conditioning.

Week 1 of GymsharkLDN sees our downstairs studio get sweaty... Our community pushed themselves to the limit with metabolic conditioning and HIIT style workouts; curated by the fitness phenomenons: GymBox

We’ll be elevating heart rates and uplifting classmates over the next four weeks - book your next class here.

If that wasn't enough, this week's shelves are stocked with the brand new Energy Seamless colours (and items). Oh, and the Luxe Legacy Collection may have also made its debut ahead of its online release later this month. Tempted yet?

click here for the latest Gymshark London class tiemtable.

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