Whatever We Do, We Do It Together

Whatever We Do, We Do It Together

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We're more than just a brand. We're a community. A belonging. A family.

Whatever we do, we do it together.

We know that life can get pretty tough at times, but being strong doesn't always mean doing it alone.

At Gymshark, we consider our community family. We're likeminded individuals, connected by our love for conditioning; our goals are paid for in sweat and our ambition to succeed is met only with support from those around us.

We're Stronger When We're Together.
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Over the next three months, we’ll be sharing stories from our family. Stories of tough and inspiring people who have used sport to find, build, and strengthen their own network - all with the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

Build Together. Support Together. Inspire Together.

If you'd have asked us our opinion on making connections in 2019, we’d have probably made a (arguably bad) joke about it being the love triangle between you, the gym and your protein intake. That, or your gym crush sending you a follow request on the 'gram after weeks of manifesting...

So what's changed? Well, having WFH in a daily rotation of sweatpants for the last year, lifting in our lounges, dropping memes into the GC and online-shopping away our boredom, it's safe to say that opportunities for making real connections have been missed.

Connection is fist-bump, an embrace, a friendly conversation with a stranger that reminds us we're not alone. It's completing a park-run with your friends and having someone spot you as you push hard for a new 1RM.

Together is all about hope. It's a reminder that sure, we're strong alone, but we're even stronger when we're together.

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Now, more than ever, it's time to come together and celebrate the ones who support us. From proud friends who push us to reach new PRs and those who motivate us when we need it most, to the people that stick by our side and always help us go further, do better and feel stronger.

We can't lift the weight for you, but our community is full of people who can spot you on your journey.

We learn together. Sweat together. Fail together. Just by showing up, we progress and succeed together.

Whatever we do, we do it together.

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Family means something different to everyone.

Some families were given. Others were chosen. Ours was built.

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