Gymshark Black History Month, UK

Gymshark Black History Month, UK

clock-circular-outlinePosted 4 Oct 2021

Black History Month, UK

Gymshark Is About Belonging.

So this month, join us in celebration as we explore, amplify and share the stories of Black athletes who are influencing the culture of conditioning; paving the way for a new generation of athletes and starting conversations that will be remembered for years to come.

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Conditioning Is Everything We Do Today To Prepare For Tomorrow.

There's no denying that conditioning is what continues to unite us. There may be less energy drinks and squat rack selfies these days. Our lifters may be joined by those who 'board, skate and play ball, but that same physical, emotional and social connection is something that will never disappear. It's a mutual understanding of what our sweat represents that really unites us.

This month, in celebration of Black History Month, UK, we're utilising our platform to explore and educate ourselves on what conditioning means to our Black community; shining a light on the Black change-makers who are influencing not only the culture, but also the direction of conditioning.

Join us in education, celebration and support as roller skaters, freestyle athletes, and artists from the UK come together to celebrate change and bring awareness to the barriers that many Black athletes still face. Here's what you can expect...

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What Can You Expect To Find This Month At Gymshark?

An Open And Honest Conversation With Black Athletes Who Are Influencing The Culture of Conditioning.

This month and beyond, you'll find a variety of content across our social media channels that not only highlights established and emerging Black fitness cultures in the UK, but also honours the experiences and feelings of many Black athletes within the conditioning community.

Here's just a glimpse of what you can find this month at Gymshark:

  • Exclusive Interview with skaters Dev & Rue-Ann: helping to define what conditioning really means to our Black community, meet Londoners: Dev and Rue-Ann. In an exclusive interview, we explore the roller skating resurgence and find out how it's since created a community with a sense of belonging.

  • Event Coverage: we'll be hosting exclusive events around the UK, giving talented athletes and important initiatives the exposure they deserve. Keep an eye out on our social channels for the event recaps!

  • All of that, amongst much more coming this Black History Month.


Keep an eye out... content coming soon.
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Together We Move.

It's not our goals that unite us, but the things we do to achieve them. So, although our training grounds and our end goals may differ, sweat is our sport, and hard work is our game plan. Gymshark is about belonging.

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