Gymshark Black Friday: Women's Deals
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Gymshark Black Friday: Women's Deals

clock-circular-outlinePosted 9 Nov 2020

Shop Women's Deals At The Gymshark Black Friday Sale Now!

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You've heard the breaking news. Now here's the good news.

It's time for an early look at our early Black Friday sale...

You know how this goes. We provide you with a sneak peek into our favourite steals this Black Friday, and you ask us to release the full discount list. PSA: it's password protected by the Trading Crew. We don't stand a chance.

There's up to 50% off selected lines starting from 19:00 GMT on November 13th. So, get prepping to make sure you can get your Big Deal Energy ahead of the sale.

For more information about our early Black Friday sale, click here.

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A first time buyer, or just unsure on what size you should go for? Take a gander through our size guides below.

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Women's Legging Deals

Let's face it, leggings have become the unofficial uniform of lockdown. Finally!

Now we're not referencing the cotton type from the '00s which resulted in saggy knees after a few wears. No, we're on about gym leggings - the most versatile, anything-goes weapon when it comes to styling.

With a multitude of colours to suit every season, every mood and every eventuality, a good pair of leggings will see you through for years to come. And, with the early Gymshark Black Friday sale on... why not treat yourself to a few pairs?! We won't tell if you don't.

Pictured above:
  • Adapt Camo Seamless Legging - Light Green | 50% off

  • Adapt Ombre Seamless Legging - Black/Black Marl | 30% off

  • Flex High Waisted Legging - Black/Charcoal | 20% off.

  • Vital Seamless Legging - Black Marl | 20% off.

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Women's Sports Bra Deals

Sports bras are about more than just style and modesty. Trust us, even if you're a long-serving member of the itty bitty committee, don't be fooled into thinking you can do without.

Wearing the right sports bra while you train can help minimise the impact of your chest's movement during exercise - allowing for a comfortable, pain-free workout. So, where to start? You'll want to find a style that's best for your particular size, breast shape, and activity level.

From the strappy sports bra straight through to the padded sports bra, we've got a wide variety of styles and sizes for you to choose from.

Pictured above:
  • Energy Seamless Sports Bra - Black | 50% off

  • Adapt Marl Seamless Sports Bra - Black | 50% off

  • Fit Sports Bra - Black/White | 30% off.

  • Vital Seamless Sports Bra - Black Marl | 20% off.

Women's T-Shirt Deals

T-shirts have long been a workout clothing essential. 

Not only do they provide the perfect base layer for any look, but their variation in design, fit and colour can also unknowingly serve as a proclamation of identity. It's all down to personal preference - what you find comfortable and how you wish to express yourself at the gym, or these days, at home... in front of your cat.

From tanks to long sleeves, cropped 'fits to oversized tees and everything in between, our collection of t-shirts has been designed with you, the seasons and the latest trends in mind. Don't miss out on the one-time opportunity to land them for less.

Pictured above:
  • Vital Seamless Long Sleeve Crop Top - Smokey Grey Marl | 30% off

  • Flex Crop Top - Black/Charcoal | 30% off

  • Training Long Sleeve Crop Top - Black | 20% off.

  • Training Tee - Black | 20% off.

Women's Loungewear Deals

If there was ever a time to invest in loungewear, it's now.

A subtle balance between comfort and style, a chic loungewear set allows you to seriously level-up your rotation of grey sweats and oversized tees. From autumnal colours to soft knits and warm fabrics, consider this a helping hand to achieve that autumnal/winter hygge we've all been craving.

Pictured above:
  • Pippa Training Jogger - Black | 20% off

  • Training Cropped Sweater - Black | 20% off

  • Training Warm Up Bottoms - Light Grey Marl | 20% off

  • Ark High Waisted Joggers - Berry Red | 50% off


The past few months have no doubt challenged our motivation to train. With new lockdown laws in place, kettlebell swingers and barbell lifters are once again forced to compromise on their daily gym routine, and instead, opt for the now-norm: at-home workout.

So, why should you invest in exercise bands this season? Two words: practicality and versatility. 

These humble strips of rubber are more than what meets the eye. With the ability to provide an intense, yet affordable workout from the comfort of your own living room, exercise bands are quick and easy to set up, and, with a little bit of creative flare, can cover all the fundamental movements you'd otherwise do at the gym. Just choose the resistance to suit you, and let the early Gymshark Black Friday sale do the rest...

Pictured above:
  • Heavy Resistance Band - Black | 20% off

  • Wash Bag - Black | 30% off

  • 11-36KG Assisted Pull Up Bands - Black | 20% off

  • Legacy Lifting Gloves - Black/White | 20% off

Remember, these are just some of our favourite deals... the real excitement begins on November 13th, at 7PM GMT.

Start Prepping.

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