Gymshark Black Friday: Men's Deals
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Gymshark Black Friday: Men's Deals

clock-circular-outlinePosted 9 Nov 2020

Shop Men's Deals At The Gymshark Black Friday Sale Now!

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Can you feel it? That's the Big Deal Energy coming.

We've provided you with the all-important FAQs, but here lies the most salient piece of info: an early look at what you can get from our early Black Friday sale.

There's up to 50% off selected lines starting from 19:00 GMT on November 13th. So, get prepping to make sure you can get your Big Deal Energy ahead of the sale.

Oh, and if you make it to the very end of the article, there's a rather bright and shiny category called 'high discount deals' that might just take your fancy...

For More Information About Our Early Black Friday Sale, Click Here.

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A first time buyer, or just unsure on what size you should go for? Take a gander through our size guide below.

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Men's Shorts & Bottoms Deals

It's a guy thing. No matter how cold it is outside, it's always, somehow, still acceptable to wear shorts.

Now, the concept of men's workout shorts is simple. They must fit well, they must look good and they must not - under any circumstance - restrict the movement of the humble sofa squat, or mighty door-frame deadlift. (Don't try and deny it... we've all seen you turn your shorts into short shorts whilst prepping for the heavy lifts). 

For the guys who prefer joggers in the colder months, however, there's really no rulebook when it comes to style. Instead, what it comes down to is personal preference.

Available in a myriad of choices; from plain hues to statement colours, baggie sweatpants to slim and tapered joggers, there really is a fit to suit all.

Pictured above:
  • Arrival 7" Shorts - Blue | 20% off

  • Sport Sports - Red | 20% off

  • Critical Zip Joggers - Charcoal Marl | 20% off.

  • Block Joggers - Grey/White | 20% off.

Men's T-Shirt Deals

The most powerful item in your arsenal.

Let us explain more about this humble product and its stellar versatility...

First things first, a t-shirt can be worn year round... It can be layered to transform a 'fit in the winter months. It can be tucked in or kept loose. Dressed up, dressed down. It can be a muscle-fit long sleeve, or an oversized short sleeve... 

Never knock the power of a t-shirt.

Pictured above:
  • Vital Seamless T-Shirt - Black Marl | 20% off

  • Apollo Long Sleeve T-Shirt - Black | 30% off

  • Arrival Regular T-Shirt - Black | 20% off.

  • Block T-Shirt - Black/White | 30% off.

Men's Stringers & Tanks Deals

When you think bodybuilding, it can oftentimes prompt visions of Arnold Schwarzenegger, old school gyms and sweat-drenched stringers that are barely serving purpose.

We get it. Tank tops and stringers have a bit of a bad rep... but, technically speaking, they are very functional. Due to the minimal fabric surrounding the shoulders and upper body, both tanks and stringers allow for ultimate freedom and flexibility when working out, meaning that your movement isn't restricted by your clothing choices.

They're also pretty darn good at helping to show off all your #iso gains...

Pictured above:
  • Legacy Stringer - Black | 20% off

  • Arrival Sleeveless Tee - White | 20% off

  • Critical Tank - Navy | 20% off.

  • Critical Stringer - White | 30% off.

Men's Loungewear Deals

If there was ever a time to invest in loungewear, it's now.

With the weather getting cooler, and more of our time now being spent indoors, there's no denying that the majority of us are turning to the slouchy section of our wardrobe for solace. But, fellas, there's more to loungewear than just grey sweats...

Switch things up this season with our early Black Friday loungewear deals.

Pictured above:
  • Crest Sweatshirt - Black | 20% off

  • Critical Hoodie - Black | 30% off

  • Legacy Hoodie - Black | 20% off

  • Recharge Joggers - Green | 30% off


The past few months have no doubt challenged our motivation to train. With new lockdown laws in place, kettlebell swingers and barbell lifters are once again forced to compromise on their daily gym routine, and instead, opt for the now-norm: at-home workout.

So, why should you invest in exercise bands this season? Two words: practicality and versatility. 

These humble strips of rubber are more than what meets the eye. With the ability to provide an intense, yet affordable workout from the comfort of your own living room, exercise bands are quick and easy to set up, and, with a little bit of creative flare, can cover all the fundamental movements you'd otherwise do at the gym. Just choose the resistance to suit you, and let the early Gymshark Black Friday sale do the rest...

Pictured above:
  • Heavy Resistance Band - Black | 20% off

  • Wash Bag - Black | 30% off

  • 11-36KG Assisted Pull Up Bands - Black | 20% off

  • Legacy Lifting Gloves - Black/White | 20% off

Oh... And A Little Extra: Men's High Discount Deals

Let's leave the discounts speak for themselves...

Pictured above:
  • Geo Lightweight Seamless T-Shirt - White | 50% off

  • Veer Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Light Blue | 50% off

  • Block Pullover - Dark Blue/White | 50% off

  • Glitch Short Sleeve T-Shirt - Red | 50% off



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