Libby Christensen Writes A Letter To Her Younger Self

Libby Christensen Writes A Letter To Her Younger Self

clock-circular-outlinePosted 28 Feb 2021

A Letter To My Younger Self is a new vertical dedicated to tackling connection in an increasingly disconnected world. Celebrating human curiosity, we explore the unspoken thoughts and experiences that have helped shape the identity of those around us, by asking one simple question: “if you could write a letter to your younger self, what would you say?”.

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So far, this series has explored the power of both connection and hindsight. Letters from our athletes have touched on memories from years past, unfolding explanations on how family and friends have been the support system throughout their upbringing.

This particular letter enhances that message. Take a listen to Libby's short story on how she's navigated life growing up in America, as well as many words of encouragement on how together, we can take steps forward.

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Letter 3: Libby Christensen, Gymshark athlete and boss of all workouts, reflects back on her life, her family and the experiences that have helped shaped her to become the woman she is today: paving a bright future for those around her.

Listen To Libby's Letter:

As you click play, take a moment to scroll through the image gallery below. You'll find a collection of childhood images that Libby has shared with us that support each and every moment detailed within her letter.


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If you could write a letter to your younger self, would it be a handbook on survival - filled with wit and sarcasm? Or would the words illustrate how the adversity you faced later became the experience you needed to face the world?

You may not believe it, but from your story, others will learn. You've opened new doors that talk about the reality of life in a way that others may not have imagined existed.


What would your letter say?

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