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Apex | The Future Is Functional

Our highest tech yet, for your most functional performance ever.

clock-circular-outline-lightPosted 1 Jul 2021
Apex | The Future Is Functional

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The Apex Collection is known for two things: its range of free motion, and its superior breathability for functional training – a discipline that demands brute strength, agility, speed and endurance from every athlete, in every workout.

Each silhouette across the capsule has been thought out meticulously, with designs featuring body temperature control to key heat zones, sweat-wicking capabilities to help draw moisture from the body, and low-profile stitching for minimal distractions. A combination which ensures Apex can handle the intensity of a functional, varied workout.

This is a collection made for those who sell their soul to the assault bike, and know no other way, than to pay for their goals in sweat.

Apex is rising: July 8th.

To our Canadian family, please note that the launch of this season's Apex collection will be slightly delayed. It's on it's way though. We promise.

Explore the collection designed to keep up with you and your functional training goals.

Our Goals Are Functional...

Apex accounts for the variability of functional training – from specific movements, to the athletes needs and environments.

Goal 1: Move With Purpose

With complete freedom in high stretch materials.

Move quicker, further and harder in high-stretch seamless that moves with you.

Goal 2: Sweat To Progress

With enduring comfort in sweat-wicking materials.

It's sweaty business training hard, but you can stay comfortable in sweat-wicking materials.

Goal 3: Train To Perform

With sharp focus in heat-mapped breathable mesh.

Heat-mapped mesh ventilates your body's heat zones to keep your mind focused.

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Get After Your Goals In Apex

This season's iteration of Apex - featuring Gymshark Seamless technology - releases online: July 8th.

What's Next?

Apex is made to move with us, no matter how we move in it. Get after your goals and explore functional training on the Gymshark Training App. Just head to Explore > Workouts > Functional. We'll meet you there.

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