Did Someone Say New Adapt Camo Seamless?!
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Did Someone Say New Adapt Camo Seamless?!

clock-circular-outlinePosted 3 May 2021

Grab Yourself A Can Of Monster. You're Gonna Wanna Sit Down For This One.

NEW Adapt Camo Seamless, launching May 6th.

4 new styles, in 3 new colours. It's the evolution that you've been waiting for.

Since its debut back in 2018, Camo Seamless has cemented itself as an essential in many of our workout wardrobes. It's built for performance - with soft and sculpting fabrics that are designed to exude confidence in anyone who wears its graphic print.

You know the drill: new season, new hues, new you. Scroll on to explore the SS21 iteration of Adapt Camo Seamless.

. . .

(Featured above: Adapt Camo Seamless All In One).

The Collection:

Encompassing a wide array of function-driven pieces, Adapt Camo Seamless repurposes several staples from past offerings, in NEW designs specifically for this season. New for SS21:

  • Adapt Camo Seamless Shorts

  • Adapt Camo Seamless Tight Vest

  • Adapt Camo Seamless All In One

  • Adapt Camo Seamless Sports Bra

. . .

Although considered part of the Seamless family, Adapt Camo has its own indelible identity, with a seriously playful-chroma palette and subtle detailing in the form of ruched seams and tonal prints.

These small but essential details mould to the natural silhouette of your body, enabling a standout, yet completely natural contour to enhance your physique.

From striking shorts, to standout 1-pieces, Adapt Camo Seamless is guaranteed to refresh your mid-season wardrobe and compliment your spring/summer glow.

. . .

NEW Adapt Camo Seamless in Volcanic Red, Green and Scandi Pink, launching May 6th.

It's the one you've been waiting for. Which style and colour will you choose?

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