Your #Gymshark66 Challenge Cheat Sheet

Your #Gymshark66 Challenge Cheat Sheet

clock-circular-outlinePosted 11 Dec 2020

Each and every year, Gymshark 66 helps give us the best start to the brand new calendar. Through insightful challenges, unrivalled motivation and a genuinely awesome community - Gymshark 66 brings together people from across the globe, striving to challenge each other to be a better version of themselves.

Wait, What is Gymshark 66?

If you're reading this, there's a pretty strong chance you know what Gymshark 66 is by now, but, if you're still deliberating over what we're talking about - we've got plenty of places to get the 411. Hit the buttons below to dive a lil' deeper into the world of Gymshark 66...

So, a cheat sheet? Yep, you got it - but, we're not talking Grand Theft Auto jetpack style cheat codes for your PS2. And as for cheating, well, let's just say hard work, a positive mindset and humbleness is the best way to beat any system.

The Gymshark 66 Challenge Cheat Sheet is here to give you insightful inspo, so you can put your unique twist on our wonderful challenges throughout the 66-days, completing each challenge in a way that represents you, and incites others to make a positive change to their life, too!

Check back here at the start of each new week throughout Gymshark 66, and make each challenge your own. Don't forget to use the relevant hashtags to help share your journey with the incredible Gymshark community and, be in with a chance to win BIG (click here if you haven't entered, yet).


#HEALTHYSWAPS66 (week 4)

22nd Jan 2021 – 28th Jan 2021

This week is all about making small, incremental changes that will make a positive, lasting impact on your lifestyle. Switch up your takeaway for a fakeaway, swap out sugary drinks for water and pick up a book in place of your phone.

Little changes go a long way in creating new, healthy habits. We've got an awesome list of healthy swaps you can try this week, and, if you fancy cooking something new in the kitchen, rather than getting take-out - well, you need to try our Honey Sriracha Chicken Recipe.

Here's a little inspiration for this weeks challenge:

  • Change your sugary drinks for water or diet equivalents

  • Take the stairs rather than the lift

  • Cook your favourite takeaway

  • Quit doom-scrolling and pick up a new book

  • Get your sugar rush from fruit, rather than chocolate

  • Cycle to work instead of driving or taking the bus

  • Play board games, rather than binge-watching TV

  • Select lower calories alternatives to some of your favourite foods

Remember to share your story with #HEALTHYSWAPS66



15th Jan 2021 – 21st Jan 2021

Teach something, and learn something. This week is all about dedicating time to educate yourself, and help others broaden their minds too.

It's easy to get caught up in your daily routine, pacing through the motions of life without considering the positive impact of exploring new topics and interest. Well, now is your moment to #EducateYourself66.

Want to learn something new, but don't know where to start? Here are a few ideas to kick-start your week.

  • Take tips from a professional and upgrade your photography and editing skills to a whole new level - Read Article.

  • Build to foundations to learning a new language, with simple apps such as Duolingo.

  • Challenge a friend or family member to learn the same topics as you, before testing each other at the end of the week.

  • Educate yourself about your local area. We're always keen to fly thousands of miles, but this pandemic has given us all a great opportunity to explore our neighbourhood and it's history.

#POWERHOUR66 (week 2)

8th Jan 2021 – 14th Jan 2021

PowerHour66 is a simple one, but that doesn't mean it'll be easy...

We're challenging you to rise and shine an hour earlier than your normal, each and every day. Why? To give you an hour of selfishness.

Our days roll into weeks, and our weeks into months - often losing track of time and neglecting our very own self-development and mindfulness. Use this Power Hour to start that new hobby you've been putting off for months, prioritise your exercise or, take that one step closer to self-employment and ultimate freedom. Whatever you want to accomplish, PowerHour66 is the time to do it.

Tip: Quit the late-night doomscrolling and hit the hay an hour early to get that full nights kip!

Need a little bit of #POWERHOUR66 inspo? We've got you...

  • Create a more wholesome morning routine.

  • Take time to cook a freshly made breakfast or smoothie.

  • Plan your days events, ahead of time.

  • Get a sweaty workout, or calming yoga session in before your working day begins.

  • Enjoy the sweet morning fresh air (and take your furry four-legged companion along with you, if you have one).


1st Jan 2021 – 7th Jan 2021

Let's be real. 2020 was tough, and our health and fitness routines have had to adapt to various changes and restrictions to our (normal) lifestyles. And no matter your geographical placement, we've all felt the impact on our training routines.

To kick off the first week of Gymshark66, we want you to move. Outside, inside, on wheels, at the gym, on the piste (snow forecast dependant)... Whatever way you want to do #ActiveEveryday66, let's move more and start creating our first positive change of 2021.

Need some inspo? Here are a few simple swaps and ideas to stay #ACTIVEEVERYDAY66:

  • Switch up driving for a walk or cycle.

  • Park further from the door.

  • Take the stairs rather than the lift.

  • Take walking breaks from your desk.


Check back here at the start of each new challenge for more tips and inspiration.

Got more tips for the #Gymshark66 community? Submit them in the comments below, we'd love to see what you're up to!

#Gymshark66. Try me.

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