Up Your Numbers With The 315 Lifting Masterclass on Twitch

Up Your Numbers With The 315 Lifting Masterclass on Twitch

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Stream Live On Twitch: 13:00 BST April 23.

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4x3xLifting Inspiration

  • What: Powerlifters & Olympic lifters come together for a session built to help you up your lifting numbers.

  • Where: Live on Twitch* from the Gymshark Lifting Club.

  • When: 13:00 BST April 23.

  • Why: To celebrate the launch of our latest lifting collection, 315.

*You can catch the 315 Lifting Masterclass here on Gymshark Central, but download Twitch and set up an account to get involved in the conversation and enter the competition.

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Us lifters are all about upping our numbers. Every set of every rep, every cue of every lift and every fail of every PB attempt is all in quest of marginal gains. It's a game of intense precision, raw power and, ultimately, heavy(ier) lifts.

We're getting some of the biggest lifters we know to host a masterclass built to help everyone up the numbers of their strongest lifts.

Listen, watch and learn as Matt Morsia, Nathaniel Massiah, Taz Nadeem and others combine power with precision live on Twitch, this Thursday April 23rd at 13:00 BST.

What to expect from the session

  • Competition: in lifting, the only competition should be yourself, but we'll be hosting prizes for the audience of our 315 Lifting Masterclass, including the 315 collection itself.

  • Conversation: six lifters, on one gym floor, chatting and doing what they do best.

  • Education: from warm ups to one rep maxes, the lifters will take you through all they know about pulling and pushing heavy weight.

  • Motivation: sometimes the best hype for some heavy lifting is watching others rip some PBs. Our lifters will be attempting some big numbers themselves.

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We can't promise gains as standard with this masterclass, but it should offer all the information and inspiration you need to go away and up your numbers in 315.

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