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Warning: Graphic Content

clock-circular-outlinePosted 17 Feb 2021

The humble t-shirt has always been a bit of a safe space for self-expression. It allows the brave to dabble in colour, explore a mass of prints and trial new, trending fits - all without stepping too far from their comfort zone.

But let's face it. When it comes to our daily rotation of t-shirts, our trusty faithful is no more than a classic cut tee in a black, grey or white hue.

Throw anything with a hint of a pattern at us and well, *cue personality transplant*. It's automatically rendered a summer tee, relegated to the bottom drawer in the spare room never to be spoken about... that is, until now.

It's 2021. Graphics have had a total refresh: they're louder and they're an understated statement.

If you're keen to start playing with prints this season, our range of minimalistic graphic t-shirts allow you to take that first step forward.

Style Tip: keep all eyes up top by pairing the printed letter-work with a relaxed sweatpant for an understated statement.

Add a little indelible graphic to an otherwise tonal 'fit this season. Cop the graphic goods at Gymshark.com

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