The 11 Best Workout Shirts For Men 2023
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The 11 Best Workout Shirts For Men 2023

clock-circular-outlinePosted 27 Apr 2023

The best workout shirts for men are the pieces that effortlessly blend both style and performance, with the perfect serving of comfort. Think tech-savvy garments, sport-specific blends of synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester to enhance your performance, and sweat-wicking designs to keep you looking cool, and feeling even cooler, even during your most intense workouts.

With the vast amount of workout clothing options available, you’re truly spoilt for choice. A win for fussy shoppers and hoarders, but confusing for many of us… because what exactly should you be looking for? This black shirt, or this black shirt?

We’re here to make your search for the best mens workout tops that smidgen bit easier, with our guide on what to look for when buying a workout shirt, and our 11 best workout shirts for men.

Here’s all you need to know.

What To Look For When Buying A Workout Shirt

Let’s simplify the buying process so you can get it right first time round. The best workout shirt for men depends on the type of exercise you do, whether it's functional workouts, PPL, or a mix of running and yoga, you’ll want something different for each. Different fabrics are better for different workouts, and different silhouettes are more suitable for different training scenarios too. Not to mention, we all have different fashion tastes.

Reflective details and zip-pockets aren’t going to be of great use if you spend 6 out of 7 days a week pushing weights, but they might leave you runners doing laps around the track with excitement.

So keep in mind how you train during your search. Because generally you’ll want something comfortable, durable and breathable, but to personalise your athletic wear, you’ll want to look out for a few sport-specific crowd-pleasers. Find the best workout shirt for you by looking for these four things:


The 11 Best Workout Shirts For Men

Leave your old tees out to dry with our roundup of the best workout shirts for men that fuse function and style, for every workout.

The Best Lightweight Workout Shirt

Gymshark Apex T-Shirt

Apex is the best lightweight workout shirt on our roster. With fabrics that feel like silk to the touch. Enhanced with our very own anti-odour technology, ESNCE™️, this t-shirt is perfect for warmer day workouts, or heated gym sessions so you can sweat as much as you like, without worrying about the smell. You’ll also love the functional side splits and high-stretch material that moves seamlessly with you as you pivot, push and pull.

The Best Slim-Fit Workout Shirt

Gymshark Arrival T-Shirt

The most popular fit of mens workout shirts on the market, a slim-fit workout shirt strikes the right balance of comfort and muscle-enhancing aesthetics. Whether you’re following a strict lifting-regime, or you’re into higher impact movements like powerful plyometric movements, stretch and flexibility is going to be high up the list of features you want from a workout shirt.

Arrival is our best slim-fit workout shirt fit for the purpose of enabling maximal movement and exertion. You’ll find smart seams to the side to accentuate your physique, and lightweight, sweat-wicking design made of 100% polyester.

The Arrival slim fit collection is available in a tank, short sleeve, and long sleeve for all your workout attire needs.

The Best Muscle-Fit Workout Shirt

Gymshark Apollo T-Shirt

Apollo Muscle Fit T-Shirt in Storm Red
Apollo Muscle Fit T-Shirt in Storm Red

No mens activewear wardrobe is complete without a workout tee to make those muscles pop during your most-ripped weeks. Whether you’ve seen massive growth after a bulk or you’ve cut so hard your abs are popping through your shirt, you want a shirt to show your gains. Apollo is our best muscle-fit workout shirt, to show off, well everything. The short capped sleeves expose your biceps while the cotton and elastane blend still provide adept comfort despite the snug fit.

The Best Oversized Workout Shirt

Gymshark Power Washed Short Sleeve Crew

Power SS Crew in Ecru Brown
Power SS Crew in Ecru Brown

On the opposite scale of the muscle fit, a baggy tee sometimes hits the spot for our workout needs. Our best-oversized workout shirt is one that doubles as a baggy-tee, and a pump cover. This short-sleeve heavy cotton crew is crafted from the same premium fabric from our Power sweaters for an elevated feel to workout wear. With triple-stitching, ribbed panels for extra durability, and a cotton-polyester blend for the right amount of stretch, the Power Washed Short Sleeve Crew is the perfect top for your toughest heavy-lifting sessions. Wear alone or pair a stringer underneath for the big pump cover reveal.

The Best Workout Shirt For Running

Gymshark Sport Seamless T-Shirt

Choosing what to wear for running can be a complicated soiree, especially when it comes to layering correctly for the weather. For those reliable warmer months where you know you’re good-to-go in just a t-shirt, our Sport Seamless T-Shirt is your best pick. Engineered using our iconic seamless technology to create distraction free designs, you’ll feel your most comfortable from one mile to the next. Optimized for odor defence with our ESNCE™️ fabric, it means you can run the distance and worry less about whether it’ll take one wash cycle, or five to remove the lingering remnants of your hard work.

The Best Cold-Weather Workout Shirt

Gymshark Sport 1/4 Zip Top

Brrrr! The cold weather creeps up on us every year, and before you know it, your short-shorts and workout tees just won’t cut it. So get prepared ahead of time with our best cold-weather workout shirt to keep you warm during your winter runs or chilly gym sessions. Can you describe a workout shirt as cozy? It might be a first, but the Sport 1/4 Zip Top certainly earns that label. With a super-soft thermal lining, high-neck design and thumb holes to cover your extremities in the colder temperatures, it’s the best choice if you take training seriously, no matter the weather.

The Best Workout Shirt For Lifting

Gymshark Power Washed T-Shirt

Power Washed Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Ozone Blue
Power Washed Short Sleeve T-Shirt in Ozone Blue

Power is our collection made for the lifter, so it’s no surprise that the Power Washed T-Shirt is our best workout shirt for lifting. Just one look at it and you can see it screams all things bodybuilding, with the faded-vintage lifting tee aesthetic, oversized fit and dropped shoulders to accomodate for a powerful silhouette. Modeled from a heavyweight durable cotton fabric to last through every lift, it’s the t-shirt designed to go to failure.

The Best Long-Sleeve Workout Shirt

Gymshark Legacy Henley Top

Legacy Henley Top in White
Legacy Henley Top in Iceberg Blue

It’s not always you gravitate to a long sleeve workout shirts, but for those chilly warehouse gyms in the colder-months, they become essential. Look to Legacy Henley Top for your long-sleeved needs, well just about, the henley cuts off mid way down the forearm so you don’t have to keep rolling up your sleeves yourself. You’ll be the most stylish guy on the gym sporting an old-school baseball raglan shape tee for that authentic 80s vibe. Keeping the lifter in mind, the front poppers have been placed to sit high enough on your chest that you don’t have to worry about the barbell touching down on them during your chest press. Made from a cotton-elastane fabric to move with you.

The Best Everyday Workout Shirt

Gymshark Essential Oversized T-Shirt

Essential Oversized T-Shirt in Terracotta Pink
Essential Oversized T-Shirt in Terracotta Pink

When you’ve got the gym at 5 and night with the boys at 8, you’re going to want a top that offers the best of both worlds. Welcome the Essential Oversized T-Shirt into your rotation of gym ‘fits as your everyday workout shirt. This top takes it back to basics with a simple crew-neck design and versatile colours for daily wear. It’s one of those pieces you can wear everywear, made from cotton with 5% elastane, it has a decent amount of stretch to see you through any workout, whether that’s running for the train, or levelling up your leg day.

The Best Seamless Workout Shirt

Gymshark Apex Seamless T-Shirt

Seamless is our prized possession here at Gymshark, so when a piece shines with excellence, best believe we’re shouting about it. Apex Seamless is the seamless workout shirt you need in your wardrobe. Packed with more tech than bread in a bakery, Apex has got everything going to help you reach your best. Sweat-wicking, breathable, weightless designs spark joy on the skin as you rep out in ultimate comfort. To regulate your body temperature and keep you cooler for longer, this product also has heat-and-sweat mapping ventilation in areas where you sweat the most.

The Best Work-To-Gym Shirt

Gymshark Rest-Day Commute Polo Shirt

You want your tops to be flexible and free from restriction whether you're sat at the desk or propped up at a lifting bench. We’ve got the top to puts the smart-casual in gym wear, with a stretchy tri-blend fabric that doesn’t compromise. Over the years we’ve seen an array of interesting styles hit the squat rack, from jeans to singlets, is anything too far-fetched? Our Rest-Day Commute Polo Shirt sports a preppy design made from premium jersey fabric, relaxed button-down neckline and raglan sleeves. For an elevated piece you can at work or to workout in, this easygoing style might make you rethink your gym ‘fits.

Does your wardrobe consist of strictly black clothing? In that case, you might want to check out our article best black workout clothes for men to find your next blacked out workout ‘fit.

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