12 Of The Best Fitness Podcasts To Listen To While Working Out

12 Of The Best Fitness Podcasts To Listen To While Working Out

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Feeling bored of fuelling your workouts with the same old playlists? You know, those days when none of your song choices are hitting, and you're just not getting the motivation you usually get to pump out those reps.

Sometimes the answer is just to turn off the music and tune into a good fitness podcast.

Busy schedules can make it difficult to set time aside for self-development and learning; that's why tuning into an interesting fitness podcast is a win-win; you can get clued up about a topic all whilst you work out.

Many fitness podcasts will run you through advice on both popular and niche topics; such as how to improve your squat form, how to reduce injury, biohacking, progressive overload, diet and nutrition, and much more. Meaning you can get the takeaways you need to improve and optimize your performance and lifestyle, all within the time it takes to do a leg workout.

Want to learn as you lift? We've got the best fitness podcasts to inspire and educate you throughout your workout sessions.

12 Of The Best Fitness Podcasts To Listen To While Working Out

From Crossfit to lifting, running to nutritional advice, we've got the 12 best fitness podcasts to fuel your workouts and your minds:

Ben Greenfield Life

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Google Play, Amazon

Ben Greenfield is one man with enough achievements for a whole village. On top of being a US-renowned personal trainer, ex-athlete, 13 times Ironman triathlete, and bodybuilder, he is also a New York Times best-selling author. This is one of the best fitness podcasts out there for performance-driven progress.

In his episodes, Ben explores all things fitness, nutrition, biohacking, wellness, and weight loss with hard-hitting research-driven episodes dedicated to helping optimize your whole self.

New Episodes: Twice Weekly

Barbell Shrugged

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Podbean, Amazon

If you love lifting weights just as much as you love absorbing information on your favorite activity, this is the fitness podcast for you.

The Barbell Shrugged podcast will help you achieve your physical and mental health goals with weekly episodes on all things fitness and nutrition. From gut health to macros, resilience to optimizing your sleep, this fitness podcast gets down to the science of all the conversations on health and fitness you've seen trending... and the ones you've not.

New Episodes: Weekly

The HalfStep Pod

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Podbean, Amazon

Runners unite! We've got the fitness podcast just for you. This podcast is hosted by two ex-teammates of the Bowerman Track Club, Grant Fisher, and Connor Lane. They relay memorable historical races and get chatty about topics in the running world.

As Grant is currently racing and training as an elite athlete, you get to know more about him in this podcast, as they discuss his pursuits and progress with a sprinkle of humor.

New Episodes: Seasonal

Joe DeFranco’s Industrial Strength Show

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Podbean, Amazon

it's time to get down to business with this fitness podcast by the world-famous strength and conditioning expert Joe DeFranco. With years of coaching on his back, if there's one specialist you'd take advice from to improve your strength, power, speed, mobility, agility, and sport-specific endurance, it's Joe.

His training expertise is highly sought by athletes across the country, and you can benefit too by tuning into his podcast, which provides an abundance of knowledge for listeners to embody their passion and optimize their performance and mindset.

New Episodes: Weekly

The CrossFit Podcast

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Podbean, Amazon

CrossFit fanatics listen up; we've got the podcast just for you. Brought to you by the official Crosfit LLC, this fitness podcast jumps into all things... you guessed it, Crossfit. Covering insights from CrossFit founders, coaches, and athletes, this podcast highlights the transformative power of the sport and its benefits.

With stories from guests and athletes across all walks of life, unified by their love for movement, this is the podcast to hear more from the people CrossFit represents.

New Episodes: Seasonal

Mind Pump: Raw Fitness Truth

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Podbean, Amazon

Hosts Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer & Justin Andrews give you the raw truth on the most speculated topics within the fitness industry.

In this podcast, they pull back the curtain on many of the myths and misleading information in the fitness industry and instead present science-led solutions and data-driven advice to improve your health and optimize your performance. Like your podcasts with a side of politics? Then this is the fitness podcast for you.

New Episodes: 4-5 times weekly

Huberman Lab

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Podbean, Amazon, Google Podcasts

Neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman blesses our ears and brains with each episode of his awe-inspiring podcast Huberman Lab.

Key to the success of this podcast is the way Huberman presents complex information on neuroscience in an easily digestible way. It's not strictly a fitness podcast, but it discusses many topics regarding muscle development, exercise, performance, and nutrition with doctors with differing expertise.

If you want to expand your mind in the gym by learning just how your brain actually works and how to optimize your life - brain health first, then it's time to download some eps.

New Episodes: 1-2 times weekly

Make It Simple

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Podbean, Amazon

Andrea is a fitness trainer and mother of 4 specializing in mom fitness and postpartum health. In her fitness podcast Make It Simple, she makes prioritizing women's health, nutrition, and fitness easy and understandable, even for the busiest of listeners.

She welcomes doctors to discuss topics relating to women's health, and episodes of this podcast cover subjects like meal tips, gut health, sexual health, hormones, workout ideas, injuries and rehabilitation, and everything needed to optimize your life simply and realistically.

New Episodes: Weekly

WHOOP Podcast

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Podbean, Amazon, Audible

Take your training to the next level with the founder and CEO of WHOOP, Will Ahmed, who explores the science behind conditioning. Bringing on experts and specialists, the podcast explores how to best optimize your training through sleep, recovery, injury prevention, lifestyle choices, and more.

For those serious about improving their mind and performance, this fitness podcast gives you the knowledge and motivation to become your best.

New episode: Every Monday and Friday

Mark Bell's Power Project

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Podbean, Amazon, Audible

Mark Bell, the host of this podcast, is a record-holding professional powerlifter in the US and worldwide. If you're a keen powerlifter, you may have heard of his invention, the Sling Shot, a tool designed to help progress with chest lifting whilst recovering from injury.

In his fitness podcast, he interviews world champions, athletes, coaches, and enthusiasts on their craft and delves into topics around fitness, health, and nutrition. You can consider Mark Bell a sort of life coach, as he shares his years of industry knowledge and advice on how you can push yourself physically whilst caring for yourself mentally.

New episode: 3-4 times weekly

Fun and Gains Podcast

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Podbean, Amazon, Audible

Hosted by our very own athlete Brittanny Lupton, the Fun and Gains Podcast is your weekly roundup of tips and tricks to help you along your fitness journey.

A regular on the gym floor, Britt shares the routines that have helped her improve her physical health and fitness and succeed with nutrition. You're in for a laugh with this fitness podcast, too, as she is joined by co-host Darian to share with listeners shocking and hilarious gym stories - wins, fails, and everything in between.

New episode: Weekly

Maintenance Phase

Available to listen on: Apple, Spotify, Sticher, Podbean, Amazon, Audible, Google Podcasts

Not quite a fitness podcast, but relatable to conditioning – The Maintenance Phase podcast offers something a little different to the fitness community because this podcast gives you the tea!

Episodes of the podcast break down common wellness scams, the junk science behind health fads, and nonsensical nutritional advice. The hosts get into detective mode in this pod as they decode common wellness, weight loss, fitness obsessions and health topics we sometimes take as the bible... but may not have that much evidence behind them.

Want a podcast to keep you on your toes as you rep out? Look no further.

New episode: Weekly


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