Behold: The Perfect Christmas Outfit
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Behold: The Perfect Christmas Outfit

clock-circular-outlinePosted 11 Dec 2020

Put a finger down: Christmas outfit edition.

Put a finger down if you've ever had to pop a button on your pants because your waistband suddenly felt way too snug. You start to think back on what caused this uncomfortable, yet oddly pleasing feeling... a 3-course meal, a cheese board, oh and don't forget nan's famous trifle...

Then came the Twiglets, and the candied nuts. And, also the weird grown-up snacks you never thought people actually ate until you started eating them yourself (because you've aged maturely over the past year, and now actually find delight in small, strange snacks). Ah, and then came the chocolate tub.

*slowly pops button on pants in realisation*

This year, we've got your back (and bellies).

You see, the secret to the perfect Christmas outfit is... drumroll, please.

Stretchy Pants.

Aka Joggers With An Adjustable Waistband.

Otherwise known to the rest of the world as a pair of track pants, slounge pants, or, for those of us who have some form of mild sophistication - loungewear.

(pictured above: Grade Joggers [with an adjustable drawcord waistband], and Grade Pullover)

Tell me more about these joggers with adjustable waistbands...

Well sure, comfort is the crux of their appeal, followed closely by unrestricted mobility. But, the understated jogger can also be elevated. Remove the frills and pair with a plain tee this Xmas for a chic look approved by both the fashion industry, and your 'rents.

Without further ado, here are our top 4 joggers (with adjustable waistbands), ready for you to slide on into this Christmas.

Shop The Comfies With An Adjustable Waistband. 'Tis The Season To Over-Indulge In Nice Loungewear After All...

Room for a mince pie anyone?

. . .

. . .



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