Behind the Design: The Legacy Collection
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Behind the Design: The Legacy Collection

clock-circular-outlinePosted 3 Dec 2018

Every legacy starts somewhere. 

Ahead of the launch of the newest men's Legacy collection, we wanted to find out more about its long-standing evolution and iconic design.

Defined by contemporary cuts, a tapered silhouette and the original Gymshark logo, the familiar favourite was born not long after the brand itself. 

Founded in 2012, Gymshark began with an idea: clothing for bodybuilders.

When we think bodybuilding, it can oftentimes prompt visions of Arnold Schwarzenegger, old school gyms and sweat-drenched stringers that are barely serving purpose. For us, bodybuilding is the foundation on which Gymshark was built.

Founder Ben Francis explains, "We quickly realised that there was nothing out there that we ourselves wanted to wear, so we decided to take action."

"We spent everything we had on a screen printer and a sewing machine and started to design our own answer to fitness wear: something longer, something stretchier and something more fitted."

"This wasn't the usual big, baggy clothing you see bodybuilders in."

This was a new era of fitness apparel with a fit and feel ahead of its time. "It was handmade, fitted clothing that we and other young people genuinely wanted to wear to the gym and felt good in."

From our very first screen print to our upcoming release, this hasn't changed.

Creating clothing that fits, flatters, functions and feels incredible is the goal. We understand that you want to wear something that looks good and is comfortable to train in.

The collection itself however has evolved with the times, built to last using premium, functional fabrics and the latest in innovation.

The Legacy offers new tech whilst retaining that old school bodybuilding gym wear feel.


Senior Menswear Designer Jack Lamont has been a part of Legacy's journey, seeing its transformation to a full collection of t-shirts, tanks and stringers in a variety of colours that still pays homage to its beginnings. 

"It's raw, it's rustic and it's bodybuilding at heart but anyone wearing it will feel the difference." Workout veteran or novice, the range is designed for those who stay true to the ethic of hard graft.

"The Legacy collection and Fitness design are iconic to Gymshark; a lot has gone into giving it a fresh look and improved fit without compromising its significance," Jack tells us.

The original Gymshark Fitness logo has remained steadfast amidst our evolution, as a marker of enduring quality and loyal no-nonsense designs you can trust.

When working out, we know how important it is to have no distractions, no restrictions and to look as good as you want to feel. At Gymshark, we understand that focus is key and that the need for clothing that meets the demands of your performance is crucial.

Liberating yet flattering fits, breathable fabrics and simple, effective design is at the heart of the Legacy Collection.

Are you ready to build your legacy?

10/12/18 7PM GMT

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