5 Benefits of Running In a Group

Ever tried running in a group? Joining a running club has many benefits that will motivate you to level up your running game and run those extra miles, faster and together.

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5 Benefits of Running In a Group

Like many people, 2022 may have been the year you prioritized health and fitness and decided to take a leap and try a new workout class or reconnect with the sporting passion of your youth.

It was noticeable that there was a growing importance on the social aspect of fitness last year, and since the community is so important to us, too, we're keen to see this continue. That's why we are advocates of the group run!

You may be a fan of running in the great outdoors or be a veteran of the trusty all-weather treadmill, but if there's one thing for sure, it's that running with a group has plenty of benefits.

Even though everyone's reasons for running vary, it's a universal activity that can build resilience, reduce stress, and contribute to overall feelings of positivity. And if you want to enhance the activity even more and try something new this year, why not consider a group run?

You won't be disappointed, so continue reading to find out the five benefits of running in a group!


5 Benefits of Running In a Group

Offers A Supportive Environment

If you're joining your local group run or attending a running club, being surrounded by a community of runners can make for a very supportive environment. Running beginners can benefit from having the support of other runners and having set routes organized by the club leaders to make the transition into running a smoother experience.

You're all there for the same reason, to run, and having like-minded individuals around you, no matter what your level may be, can encourage and support you. Additionally, the running group may have a page or group chat to exchange advice, encouragement, and support on your running journey. This can be a great way to mingle and find a supportive network of people. With such a supportive network around you, you'll reach your 10k goal in no time.

Increased Motivation

When it comes to exercising, for many, the biggest barrier to overcome is finding the motivation to just get up and do it (easier said than done, right?). Running in a group makes it so much easier to find that motivation within, especially when you know you're not going to be in this alone.

When you're part of a club or a team, there is a sense of accountability and commitment that motivates you to show up and do your best. You have a set time to show up, and you commit to trying to keep up the same pace as the group, as well as running the set distance.

And since we humans are naturally community orientated and enjoy reaching goals, this group mentality and end goal can be one of the most motivating factors of all. The energy of a group run or running club environment keeps the spirits high and motivates you to keep going.

Positive Impact Of Being Part Of A Community

It's clear that exercising has a positive impact on our mental health, and honestly, for a lot of us, it's that post-workout endorphin hit that keeps us going back. Running, whether that's a group run or flying solo, is something that, for many, helps to boost our mood, energize us, and increase our happiness [1].

Being part of a running club can increase those feel-good effects and make you feel unbelievably uplifted, and honestly, it's usually a really fun time. Group running provides a sense of community, somewhere you can share success stories, gain inspiration and see yourself and others progress.

Being part of a community and the regular socializing that comes with being part of a running club can improve our mental health, build our confidence and give us that boost of energy we need week on week.

Challenge Yourself More

Many running clubs cater to all levels, from beginners just starting out to the more experienced runner looking to challenge their pace in a group environment. Running clubs can make it easier to make progress and challenge yourself, whatever level it is you’re at.

You might be in a routine of running your usual set distance and don't tend to push yourself much more, but with group running, there is more motivation to run further and faster and really push yourself outside your comfort zone. This pattern of showing up and challenging yourself to surpass your perceived abilities can build mental strength and resilience.

Challenging yourself with each run is much easier when you're held accountable as part of a group. Resulting in a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of empowerment that can be addictive (in the best way possible).

Safety In Numbers

Another plus to running in a group setting is that it provides safety in numbers. For both novice and experienced runners, the safety aspect of running alone can be a real concern, especially as the nights draw in and it starts getting darker earlier.

It’s perfectly understandable, then, to not feel comfortable running alone in the dark or at night in winter, so running in a group can allow some of those fears to subside so you can focus on what you’ve come to do, run.

Alongside this, those only just getting on their feet with running can find it beneficial to have an experienced running coach leading them... no chance of getting lost or taking a wrong turn this way.


Final Thoughts

Running in a group doesn't have to be complicated, why not see if you can gather a group of friends for a regular weekend run?

Going on a group run is a good way to implement more fitness into your social life; who says you need to meet at a bar to have a good time? Let's chase that runner's high.

If you often find yourself running during the darker hours, be sure to check out our top 10 tips for running the dark.

TIP: Google and Facebook are gems for finding your local running club, or keep your eyes peeled for posters in your gym or sports centre, and if those still come up short, why not try a virtual running club?




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