Feeling Lonely? You're not the only one. Here's 4 common feelings you may be having, And how to tackle them

Feeling Lonely? You're not the only one. Here's 4 common feelings you may be having, And how to tackle them

clock-circular-outlinePosted 26 May 2022

How're you feeling?

Good?... Not so good?

That's ok. We've partnered with Campaign Against Living Miserably to bring you mental health advice from true professionals in their field.

CALM have highlighted 4 feelings that you, and us, may often feel – and what to do when those feelings take hold...

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Over at Campaign Against Living Miserably, we’re pretty upfront about the fact that we all feel shit sometimes. Break-ups, work stress, exams, there are heaps of things that can make us feel crappy. But there’s also loads of stuff you can do to get yourself out of that headspace.

We’ve put together some tips that might help if you’re going through it. And if you’re really struggling? Head to CALM for loads more support, including our helpline and webchat.

Feeling: I’ve just not been feeling it lately.

We all know the feeling, right? There’s nothing WRONG, but something just doesn’t feel right. Feeling down and out of sorts is normal sometimes, for all the high moments you have, there are always going to be lows too. But if you’re feeling sad every day, it’s a good shout to chat to someone.

Check out our CALM Get Help Guides for some of the stuff that people chat to our helpline and webchat about most.

Feeling: Work just feels too much atm.

Work. Some of us spend more time with our colleagues and in our workplace than we do at home. So it makes sense that work has the ability to make us feel proper stressed out.

Whether it’s a relationship with a boss, too many deadlines, or something else, take a look at CALM’s work stress guide for tips on how to tackle a tricky work situ.

Feeling: I hate what I see in the mirror.

Look, it’s probably unrealistic to believe that anyone 100% loves the image they see in the mirror. But with social media and reality TV shows consistently showing us the ‘perfect’ body, sometimes it can get too much.

No matter what the scale says, no matter the definition of your muscles, or the hairs on your head, that image of the perfect body in our heads is make-believe.

And chasing after it? It can make life pretty tough and sometimes lead to other mental health issues such as eating disorders, obsessions and anxiety. Our advice, ditch the search for perfection.

Find out more about dealing with body image here.

Feeling: I feel really lonely.

Loneliness sounds like something you should leave behind in the playground, but the truth is around 9 million people in the UK say they feel lonely some or most of the time. You might think that loneliness means having no one, but you can feel lonely even if you’re surrounded by people.

It can feel embarrassing to admit you feel lonely, but loneliness is a natural emotion and feeling. It does not mean you have failed in any way. The good news is, loneliness is something you can tackle. You can build up slowly, renew an old connection, find a support group, or jump right in and commit to a new social activity – there are loads of ways to tackle feeling lonely.

Find out more about feeling less lonely here.

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