10 Years Strong! Celebrating Gymshark's 10th Anniversary With A Limited Edition Collection
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10 Years Strong! Celebrating Gymshark's 10th Anniversary With A Limited Edition Collection

clock-circular-outlinePosted 5 Sep 2022

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A lot can happen in ten years...

  • 10 years ago, Whitney Simmons had never been to a gym.

  • 10 years ago, Francis Ngannou was sleeping in a parking lot.

  • 10 years ago, Katie Taylor had never had a professional fight.

  • 10 years ago, Ben Francis was a pizza boy.

Gymshark was started in a garage in 2012 by a kid with a dream and a sewing machine. Today, our surroundings look a little different. But through it all, our mentality has always remained the same: to go further, we go together.


Launching: September 8th: 2pm BST / 3pm CET / 9am PT / 11am CT / 12pm ET

Through every step of this journey, we've had you - our community and our family - to thank. That's why, to celebrate our 10th anniversary and everything that we've achieved together, we've designed an exclusive collection - ready to wear on your next rest day.

Comprised of 8 brand-new silhouettes, the GS10 collection features an exclusive graphic that pays homage to 10-years - a milestone we couldn't have reached without your support. So, whether you joined the family in 2012, 2022, or somewhere in-between, this one is for you.

What's Available?

  • GS10 Year Hoodie*

  • GS10 Year Jogger*

  • GS10 Year T-Shirt

  • GS10 Year Midi Crop

  • GS10 Year Oversized Long Sleeve T-Shirt

  • GS10 Year Oversized T-Shirt

*male and female versions available.

While bodybuilding remains at our core, we see the beauty in every type of movement, from yoga to running, powerlifting to dancing and even your weekend coffee runs. A big part of our ethos is to take time for yourself and to prioritize your well-being, and we believe rest days are instrumental to that.

So, on your next coffee run, spa trip or movie marathon, rep the collection with pride. Let it be a reminder of what we can achieve together; a reminder to never give up and to always celebrate your progress.

10 Years Strong!

We exist to unite the conditioning community, but it will always be our family, the OGs, and the real heads who keep the conversation honest – never letting us forget where we came from and always reminding us where we should be going.

The needs of our family created this business, and it'll be our trust in the family that leads its evolution. Here’s to the next 10.


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